Divine Profit Diamond

A 4-week Immersion Experience

Monetize Your Passion & Grow Your Business Without The Hustle & Grind

You’re here to make a difference through your business and natural gifts. But you’re still struggling to…

If any of this sounds like you, we get it! We used to create using the “mining mindset” too. But there’s another way— the Divine Feminine Way.

Imagine instead…

We’re here to tell you it is possible to grow your business in soul alignment without the hustle and hard work. Let us show you how.

Divine Profit Diamond A 4-Week Immersion Experience

During this 4-week immersion experience you’ll:

Here’s what’s included in the 4 week Immersion Experience

8 LIVE Training Modules with Kaela + Lisa (Valued @ $3500)

Each content rich training takes a deep dive into a facet of the Divine Profit Diamond Constellation to support you with your idea generation, offer creation, client pathway and marketing.

You’ll be given clear and specific steps to take to turn this information into inspired action, propelling you forward to reach your new elevated revenue goals.

(Recordings available)

Virtual Support Container (Valued @ $395)

Get your questions answered, receive feedback, and get support to bust through any limiting beliefs, so you stay in action and create diamond-level success in your business.

Learn from the other questions asked and coaching provided, all of which will keep you inspired and motivated to keep going for your big vision – without the hustle or grind.

Private FB Group (Priceless)

Get and stay connected and supported 24/7 in our highly engaged community.

Our community is an intentionally cultivated container and your go-to place for encouragement, advice and celebrations. We all rise higher, together!

BONUS: Access to Diamond VIP Day (In person or Virtual) (Valued @ $1000)

Create crystal level clarity for full circle expansion in 2022 in a community of high-vibe women all dedicated to creating diamond-success, the divine feminine way.

Walk away from the VIP Day with an updated, elevated vision for 2022 that includes new revenue goals, offers and business building strategies all aligned with your soul.

Overview of the Training Modules:

WEEK 1   |   Air = Truth & Intuition
MODULE 1: Create A Sacred ‘Diamond’ Space to Listen to Your Truth
MODULE 2: Clarify the Life & Business You Truly Desire to Create
WEEK 2   |   Passion = Fire & Offer Creation
MODULE 3: Create / Uplevel Your Offer(s) to Reflect Your Passion
MODULE 4: Monetize Your Passion
WEEK 3   |   Intuition = Water & Client Pathway
MODULE 5: Access & Strengthen Your Intuition
MODULE 6: Build a New Client Pathway Using Your Intuition
WEEK 4   |   Agency = Earth & Marketing
MODULE 7: Embody the Energy of Your New Offer to BE the Invitation
MODULE 8: Magnetic Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients
Each module takes you on a deep dive into one of the facets of our 4-point Divine Profit Diamond Constellation:

Building your business in alignment with these 4 points creates a diamond experience of life and diamond results in your business.

What do we mean by diamond? Luxury, abundance, intention, crystal-clarity, wealth, celebration, beauty… and the list goes on.

What does diamond success look like for you?

Here’s the success our clients have created:

“When the Covid-19 pandemic hit I only had income planned to come in from in-person work. I was supported to pivot my business in a way that had me creatively fulfilled and I generated $4,000 in the first 5 weeks.”

– Kasey Hock, Artist & Photographer

“When I first started working with Kaela and Lisa, I was struggling in my coaching practice trying to figure out how to create consistent income and come up with the $900 a month to pay for coaching. I had 20K of credit card debt and had no idea how I was going to come up with the payments.

“Working with them was a HUGE game changer. I brought in 6-figures in 6 months and did it from a place of being fully sourced. No hustle, no fake promises, no fancy funnels or FB ads. Just serving my clients and giving them the BEST I had to offer.”

– Chris Williams, Holistic Transformational Coach

“When I joined Rise Leadership Circle I was just starting to bring on clients. I made and received $10,500 in my first 90 days.”

– Christine Woryn

Investment Plans:

Early Bird




6 bi-weekly payments




6 bi-weekly payments
Offer expires at 11:59 on 10/15

FREE Bonus

  • Access to Diamond VIP Day, in person OR virtual on December 10, 2021
    — Create crystal level clarity for full circle expansion in 2022
Important Program Dates:
Month 1: Program Kicks Off With 2 Calls/Week
Module 1: November 1st
Module 2: November 3rd
Module 3: November 8th
Module 4: November 10th
Module 5: November 15th
Module 6: November 17th
Module 7: November 22nd
Module 8: November 24th
Build Momentum! Virtual Support Container Available
BONUS: Diamond VIP Day (Virtual or In Person) December 10th, 2021

This Program Is For You If:


Yes! The recordings will be available to listen to anytime during the 12-week program. We design it this way to encourage you to BE IN ACTION with the module trainings right away and not wait for some future time to listen to them.

The virtual support container is a private forum where you’re able to ask questions, get feedback and make connections. You can post your questions and get responses from Kaela and / or Lisa. We offer a quick turn-around time on our responses to keep you in action, moving forward towards hitting your elevated revenue goals. You’ll also get to see all the other questions participants post and answers / feedback / support provided to them. You’ll also be able to respond to each other with encouragement, inspiration, feedback and more. This way, you continue to be immersed in support and community as you move forward with building your business the Diamond Way.

Yes! We’ll both be there to support you in every one of the module training sessions, offering coaching and laser hot seats as well.

We encourage you to invite your business partner to participate in the Divine Profit Diamond Immersion Experience with you. However, you would each need to sign up separately.

About Kaela & Lisa

Hi! We’re Kaela & Lisa, Co-Founders of Rise Leadership Circle. We’ve been partners for 30 years, first in life as mother-daughter, then in business.

Before joining forces, Lisa had built a 7-figure salon + spa and Kaela had been working in Corporate America, but decided that “fine” wasn’t going to cut it.

Although the concept of creating a business together was likely 28 years in the making, it came to fruition in a single moment when each of us, individually, came to the same realization at the same time: it is time to rise.

Now, our mission is to support soulful women entrepreneurs to own their power, value and worth so they can be well paid and live a PROSPEROUS LIFE. Over the past 5 years we’ve coached 5,000 women around the world to take inspired action to build the most epic lives they can imagine and the soul-aligned businesses to fund them.

We believe in being guided by spirit, intuition and darn good business sense. If you’re ready for six figures+, we’re ready for you. We rise up higher, together.