Radiate Glow. Big Wins…

This game takes bingo out of the auditorium and into the ethers… with big money, lots of fun, and activations of your innate brilliance. Play the goddess game to expand into a new level of creating, receiving, and giving in your life.

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…but why should I play?

When you play the goddess game you’ll be guided to unhook from the high-pressure question of “How can I reach my goals?” and instead connect with your innate brilliance, because being all of you is what opens up the space for your goals to manifest.

win your share

At gold we’ll be selecting 5 winners to share in the $15,000 of prizes we are giving away. Prizes include:

Brought to you by Rise!

the goddess game is hosted by Rise Leadership Circle. You’re invited to attend gold, a digital event to cash-in on your prize possibility.

Here’s the invite from Kaela

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Everyone is a winner!

When we play, we play big. This means that just by playing you receive TEN gifts that we hand-select about business building and embodiment, just by signing up!

Here’s the gift list you’re going to receive from your new goddess friends. You’re going to receive them through email, by signing up, for this epic game

goddess game freebies

Chris Williams

Add 100+ New Subscribers to Your Email List in 30 Days

goddess game freebies

Jackie Kotei

Elevate Now - 7 Templates You Need to Have to Protect Yourself Legally Plus the Pitfalls to Avoid

goddess game freebies

Jessica Verrill

The Collective — 3 months free of membership

goddess game freebies

Sandra Cotto

Plant Based cooking class w/2 additional recipes

goddess game freebies

Sarah Bondar

A free 1-1 discovery call and a free guide to mirror work

goddess game freebies

Jameese McBeth

Mommy Timelapse Productivity Training

goddess game freebies

Jennifer Cairns

The core steps to start releasing your rebel within and better radiating your truth, purpose and voice without feeling fake or fearful.

To get your board and chance to win, enter here:

Attend gold

Activate the goddess within

$55 per ticket

$44 for 2 tickets

To get your board and chance to win, enter here: