2 Day Virtual Event for Soulful Entrepreneurs | April 8 - 9

Activate the goddess within

The goddess within you is whole, worthy, wealthy, and wise.

When you allow for the fullness of who you are to be illuminated, your brilliance cannot help but impact the world, your bank account, and your business. During this event, you’ll discover any energy-drains, and you'll power-up your divine presence.

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Attend gold

Activate the goddess within

$55 per ticket

$44 for 2 tickets

Gold is for you if —

This event is really an activation that anchors —

Wholeness – as the human and spirit beneath the entrepreneur

Worthiness – of being visible and speaking up

Wealth – because you give yourself permission to receive (especially money!)

Wisdom – integrating what you already know into your being and every day operating

Your business will benefit as a result of you unleashing your goddess

which is what we’re doing at

Because goddesses...

Know. Trust. Magnetize. Intuit. Support. Radiate.

They do not Waver. Endlessly question. Self-Sacrifice. Dim their light.

Attend gold

Activate the goddess within

$55 per ticket

$44 for 2 tickets

This is not like any business retreat you’ve ever been to before.

(Though, it is tax deductible for entrepreneurs)

Your business flourishes (and therefore your bank account) as a result of YOU flourishing. Gold is for the soulful entrepreneur who is ready to stand in the richness of who they are, thus impacting every other area of life. 

The Agenda

Here’s what you can expect:

Day 1

Friday, April 8

Session One: 1:00-2:45pm CT

Break: 2:45-3:00pm CT

Session Two: 3:00-5:00pm CT

Day 2

Saturday, April 9

Session Three: 1:00-2:30pm CT

Break: 2:30-2:45pm CT

Session Four: 2:45-4:00pm CT

Special Guest: 4:00-4:30pm CT

Event Wrap + Announce Winners of The Goddess Game ($15,000 in prizes): 4:30-5:00pm CT


the goddess game

Goddesses are creators, receivers, and givers.

Play the goddess game to expand into a new level of creating, receiving, and giving in your life. Whether you’ve been a friend of Rise for a while, or this is your first time here you’ll be fast to learn that Kaela loves a good game ;). You’ll play this during gold and have a chance to win prizes. This game is totally optional, but highly recommended!

win your share

At gold we’ll be selecting 5 winners to share in the $15,000 of prizes we are giving away. Prizes include:

Get your goddess game board when you buy your ticket!

Hi, We’re Lisa and Kaela

Co-Founders of Rise Leadership Circle LLC.

We’ve been partners for 30 years—first in life as mother-daughter, then in business.

Our mission is to support soulful entrepreneurs to own their power, value, and worth so that they can live an epic life, and fund it with a six-figure businesses.

We believe in being guided by spirit, intuition, and darn good business sense. If you’re ready for six figures, we’re ready for you.


This isn’t our first rodeo, but in case it’s yours, we want to answer some popular questions…

Gold is open to all humans. While we find that most people in our community are women, we are an inclusive community. If this event speaks to you please join us, you are welcome.

Most of the people in our community consider themselves soulful entrepreneurs, or heart-centered business owners. Because of that we will frequently speak into how to expand and grow businesses and revenue. And, someone who is not an entrepreneur would still receive immense value from attending. If you have a desire to deepen your relationship with yourself and grow this is for you.

We priced the tickets for this event very intentionally. First, we believe that there is power in investing in you. If you choose to attend this event solo, let it be a declaration of your worthiness. This is two days of self care for both you and your business. Second, we believe in being generous. We know that the more opportunities like this are shared, the more everyone benefits. Having an option to purchase two tickets for $44 helps us move our mission of inviting people that we otherwise may not have reached.

No ticket refunds will be provided, including if you purchase an individual ticket and later register a friend.

Here’s a few tips for inviting someone to join you:

• Consider other soulful entrepreneurs that you know, invite one (or all of them!)

• Join a Facebook group like The Prosperous Entrepreneurs Power Pack and connect with someone, invite them!

• Browse your friend list on your favorite social media, invite someone you’ve been wanting to connect with there who you think would enjoy this.

Bonus, use our Gold Invitation Kit

We’d love for you to include the name, email, and phone number of your guest while purchasing the ticket. And, you can update us after if need be. Please communicate your guest’s name and contact information with support@riseleadershipcircle.com as soon as you know it.

We respect and welcome all faiths and beliefs. We love the word goddess not from a dogmatic context, rather as a way to speak to an energy that we believe exists within all humans female, male, and nonbinary alike. Goddess is the energy within us that knows that we are whole, worthy, wealthy, and wise. To us, goddess = powerful being. Feel free to sub “powerful being” anytime we say “goddess” if that resonates with you better.

You are welcome, your faith is welcome.

This is our 5th large virtual event, so when we say we are pros, we mean it! We hire an *incredible* tech team to help ensure that the visual and sound quality is amazing. We can accommodate visual and hearing requests, please let us know in advance.

We’ll be using zoom which allows for ongoing participant interaction, break out rooms, and for you to feel like it’s an intimate experience you are really at.

We will be hosting the event with clients in our membership programs live in the room. We have a big screen TV with the zoom “Brady Bunch” screen so we can see and interact with all participants.

Our events are interactive and have gotten incredible feedback about how captivating they are even virtual.

We also have a few tips to ensure for a dynamic experience:

• Treat this as if you were attending an event in person. Arrange for child/pet/plant care during retreat hours.

• Create a retreat-like atmosphere for yourself including your outfits, meals, beverages, etc.

• Plug into the Gold Facebook group and attend the pre-event happy hours. You will get to connect with others, make connections (and likely referral partners!) and bond lasting relationships.

• When we’re in session, close out of all other tabs and remove all distractions. Be fully present for you! This is self care for you and your business.

This is a NEW kind of event. WE Rise is now going to be an annual event where we do it BIG – in person, 2 full days, opportunities to speak from stage and more 🙂

Gold will continue to deliver the same top notch experience that you have had at WE Rise, with more spaciousness in the schedule and a different area of focus.

What they’re saying...

Attend gold

Activate the goddess within

$55 per ticket

$44 for 2 tickets

Attend gold

Activate the goddess within

$55 per ticket

$44 for 2 tickets