Make That Money Action Challenge

Make THAT Money: Boost your bottom line as a soulful entrepreneur when you let wealth consciousness guide you during this 4 day action challenge

May 17-20; 9:00am CST Content; 9:30am CST VIP Hot Seat Coaching
Content only = Free
Join us live in zoom + hot seat coaching = $17

You’ll learn

Why having a spiritual practice directly correlates with having a profitable business

See how aligned, intentional action (not a rigid to-do list) creates more results than hustling ever will (and more whitespace on your calendar!)

Embrace generosity as one of the most powerful keys to build your business, then experiencing a symbiotic relationship with receiving

Complete the challenge with a daily blueprint to create results on repeat

Each day May 17-20 we’ll be diving into an action step so you can make THAT money. The workshop will happen from 9:00-9:30am CST each day and is free for all. You can upgrade to our VIP room to join us for hot seat coaching each day from 9:30-10:00am CST immediately following the workshop for just $17.

This is for you if you’re currently:

  • Thinking hard work and struggle is the only way to get there, but no matter how hard you work and how much you struggle you haven’t reached your goal
  • Implementing #allthestrategy yet somehow falling short of the outcome you expected
  • Looking around seeing other people with mega success and wondering why it’s not happening for you
  • Suspecting that long held trauma or beliefs around money from your family’s lineage may still be affecting you today, whether you came from an experience of poverty or wealth
  • Secretly afraid of having your dreams come true because you’re afraid of what it will mean for your family, and what others close to you might think

And what you’re ready for is:

  • More whitespace on your calendar and money in your bank account
  • A new relationship to you money and your worthiness to receive 
  • Peace when thinking about money and your future 
  • Freedom to have the experience of life that you choose 
  • Understanding how to generate wealth in a way that feels good to you and is aligned with who you are

Hi, we’re Lisa and Kaela

The mother-daughter co-founders of Rise Leadership Circle. We coach soulful entrepreneurs to own their worth and build wealth, because it’s our birthright.

Like many families, our lineage is rooted in struggle. For generations our ancestors knew survival by hard work and just getting by.

We are grateful to the mothers and fathers who paved this path for us, and now we see our opportunity to release outdated energetic agreements so that we, and everyone, can live the life that each of us chooses.

This work: owning our worthiness, building wealth, and supporting others to do the same — is our calling. We believe that the time is now for us to indulge in possibilities and use our privileges for the highest good of all.