Immersion experience January 31st - February 24th

Relationship Harmony

Harness the power of the moon’s phases with this 4-Week Online Immersion Experience

Discover how to use the proven phases of expanded harmony to transform, so you’re enjoying greater ease and joy in all your relationships.

With Lisa Almquist & Kaela Gedda
With Lisa Almquist & Kaela Gedda
Does any of this sound like you?
If so, you’re not alone! This happens often to a lot of us. It is common and normal. There is nothing wrong with you.
Yet the good news?

You can learn how to transform these types of triggers and experience greater personal harmony no matter what is going on around you.

And when you have greater harmony with yourself, this ripples out to create greater harmony in all of your relationships.

Living More Fully
Living more fully in the present and having gratitude for previous intense life experiences when you do reflect on them.
Knowing You Are Enough
Knowing in your bones you are enough and cultivating an inner confidante who acknowledges your strengths and areas of growth with compassion.
Feeling Confident & Proud
Feeling confident and proud of who you are and what you’ve created in your life and when you see others up to cool things you’re inspired and genuinely happy for them.
Knowing How To Communicate
Knowing how to communicate your needs to your significant other or business partner and meeting them yourself when they’re not able to.
Loving Those Closest To You
Loving those people who are closest to you with a wide open heart, with a greater capacity to appreciate their perspective and response without taking it on yourself.
Honoring Other People’s Choices
Honoring other people’s choices without making it any of your business. You’ve got better things to pay attention to!
If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true… We’re here to tell you it’s not.
Hi! We’re Kaela and Lisa.

We go a long way back. Kaela is a Life Coach for soulful entrepreneurs and Lisa is a Personal Conscious Guide. Between us, we’ve spent 25 years supporting people to enjoy more harmonious relationships…all starting with the relationship they have with themselves.

Kaela here —

A few years ago I almost got in my car and drove 4 hours home on a snowy Christmas night. I was BEYOND triggered with my family dynamic, it was one of the most challenging moments I’ve had with them. And, with Lisa’s guidance I created harmony within myself and transformed my family relationship. I am so excited to share this work because it has been one of the most rewarding shifts I’ve personally experienced.

Lisa here —

Lisa here – I just celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary and I probably lived 20 years of this marriage in a constant state of trigger around having to do everything myself, not being heard or being last on everyone’s priority list. Christmas eve of 2009 brought my full attention to this when I almost destroyed the night when I became enraged by, once again, not being heard and having to do everything on my own when I counted on someone to assist me with preparing a gift for my son.

It did not happen as I needed it to and I lost it. I knew then that there had to be something more happening here. I began a journey of transformation by leaning into understanding the messages my constant triggers were offering me. I learned how to see those triggers for what they really were and how to transform my life into an offering of harmony with others. My life is now lived from this process and is experienced from this state of harmony no matter what presents itself. This is what we will share with you in this immersion experience.

That’s why we created Relationship Harmony: A 4-Week Immersion Experience to support you in taking back control of your life and using triggers as a source of transformation that contribute to more meaningful and fun relationships.

What’s Included in the Immersion Experience
8 LIVE Sessions with Kaela & Lisa

During each call we’ll take a deep dive into one of the 8 phases of Expanded Harmony. We’ll explore awareness, experience and choice in each of the phases. You’ll learn new tools and cultivate the skills you need to embody this unique and dynamic approach to relationship harmony. (Calls will be delivered in the private FB group)

Live Session Dates:

The 8 phases of Expanded Harmony align and are inspired by the 8 phases of the moon, which is why we’re scheduling our sessions on these specific dates:

Call 1:   New Moon  |  January 31st

Call 2:   Waxing Crescent  |  February 3rd

Call 3:   First Quarter  |  February 7th

Call 4:   Waxing Gibbous  |  February 10th

Call 5:   Full Moon  |  February 14th

Call 6:   Waning Gibbous  |  February 16th

Call 7:   Last Quarter  |  February 22nd

Call 8:   Waning Crescent  |  February 24th

A Private Relationship Harmony Facebook Group

Get and stay connected and supported 24/7 in our highly engaged community. Our community is an intentionally cultivated container and your go-to place for encouragement, advice and celebrations. While the Immersion Experience is 4 weeks long, the container of the Facebook group will remain open for an additional 30 days for extra support.

We will review all applications personally and be in touch within 72 hours to let you know the next steps to enroll in the Immersion Experience.
The 8 Phases of Expanded Harmony

You can flow through all 8 phases starting anywhere and moving cyclically. We move through all 8 phases each time we wish to expand into harmony.

This is NOT an 8 step linear process. It’s an embodiment of phases that we are constantly integrating so that transcendence becomes our new way of living.

Rebirth + Receiving
Shadow Work
Releasing + Healing
We will review all applications personally and be in touch within 72 hours to let you know the next steps to enroll in the Immersion Experience.

Immersion Experiences provide a container and an opportunity for you to activate a portal of Divine wisdom in a specific area of life or business so that you can be fully immersed, supported, and integrate what you discover to create results.

This is not a training or a course. Rather than being taught, we hold you as both the student and the master.

We are providing the container and shining light on the areas to explore so that you can activate your intuition and wisdom to guide yourself on this journey, and you can be supported in the process. 

We kick off with the New Moon on January 31st and will go for 28 days following 1 full moon cycle. You will have access to the community and all of the recordings from the live sessions through March 2022.

This opportunity is available to anyone over the age of 18 who is ready to embark on a self discovery journey of transforming triggers into an experience of personal joy.

The investment for this immersion experience is $3,500. There are savings options including: fast action pricing, pay in full savings, immersion experience bundles, etc. When we receive your application we’ll set a time to discuss investment options.

About Lisa Almquist

A Personal Consciousness Guide, intuitive and quantum healer. After earning degrees in psychology and philosophy and spending 15 years in the mental health field in social work, she stepped fully into using her gifts and consciousness training experience by supporting people in soulful-based wellness. She is in her 6th year as an entrepreneur working with people in 1:1 and group settings, offering workshops/masterclasses and running a total mind/body/emotion/soul experience membership. In her work, she offers guidance to increase clarity and strengthen connection with your authentic self, by exploring spiritual topics, energetic tips and navigational tools to assist you in living a more fulfilled life of peace, love, and joy. Lisa thrives on being in the flow and has a massive love for mountains and water. She lives in Michigan with her husband of 30 years, Mark and two Maltese pups, Rosie and Reina along with enjoying three grown children, Maria, Alex and Emma.

About Kaela Gedda

As an Ontological Life Coach who dances in possibility every chance she gets. At the age of 25 she decided that “fine” wasn’t going to cut it. Less than 10 months after this decision she left Corporate America to liberate her soul and support other entrepreneurs to do the same. Kaela lights up at the chance to work with soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to live into their wildest vision and make six figures+ as a result. Kaela is allergic to hustle and addicted to her pups Murray & Millie. She is a jetsetter, who goes between her Wisconsin home base and house in Michigan to be near her family and the water (which her Pisces self demands.)