Free Masterclass January 10th - 12th 2022

Transcending Triggers

A 3-Part Masterclass Experience

Discover how to transcend triggers so you stop losing your sh*t and start experiencing greater personal joy no matter what is going on around you.

With Lisa Almquist & Kaela Gedda
There is nothing wrong with feeling triggered.

We live in a world that offers abundant opportunities to be triggered!

It just becomes an issue when our triggers keep us in a constant state of reaction, resistance and drama.

But the cool thing is there is a way out of the insanity!

A trigger moment can become an opportunity for greater personal choice and power. And joy!

Would you like to find out how to use your triggers to cultivate greater compassion for yourself and others? And how to use them to experience more of what you desire?


You receive Complimentary Access to the Masterclass when you join us during the live event on January 10th-12th.

If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true… We’re here to tell you it’s not.


DAY 1 | Monday - January 10th | 12-1 PM EST


DAY 2 | Tuesday - January 11th | 12-1 PM EST


DAY 3 | Wednesday - January 12th | 12-1 PM EST

Ready to take back your personal power from the triggers?
This Masterclass Series is for you if you:
And what you desire to experience is:
Hi! We’re Kaela and Lisa.

We go a long way back. Kaela is a Life Coach for soulful entrepreneurs and Lisa is a Personal Consciousness guide.

Each of us have been on our own journey with healing, expanding, and living a joyful life. We have histories of massive family breakdowns, key relationships shifting, and looking in the mirror at what there was for us to explore during it all. We’ve leaned into our inner wisdom, and all of the modalities we’re trained in to intuitively create this process of transcending triggers into a powerful ability to access joy.

We are bringing you this three part masterclass series as an offering of love, expansion, and our commitment to personal joy being available for everyone.

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