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Pump up the possibility.

When you operate from a space of deep worthiness everything changes, this is what’s possible when you team up with Rise Leadership Circle.


Pump up the possibility.

When you operate from a space of deep worthiness everything changes, this is what’s possible when you team up with Rise Leadership Circle.

We stand for women to own their power, value, & worth, so they can be well paid & live a PROSPEROUS LIFE.

We do this by coaching our community of soulful entrepreneurs to energetically align with the truth of who they are (total badasses), and then take inspired action to build the most epic lives they can imagine and the businesses to fund them.

Rise Leadership Circle was co-created by the mother-daughter team, Lisa Liimatta and Kaela Gedda.

This concept was likely 28 years in the making, though it came to fruition in a single moment when each one separately came to the same realization at the same time:

it is time to rise.

Meet Kaela


Kaela Gedda is an Ontological Life Coach who dances in possibility every chance she gets. At the age of 25 she decided that “fine” wasn’t going to cut it. Less than 10 months after this decision she left Corporate America to liberate her soul and support other entrepreneurs to do the same. Kaela lights up at the chance to work with soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to live into their wildest vision and make six figures+ as a result. Kaela is allergic to hustle and addicted to her pups Murray & Millie. She is a jetsetter, who goes between her Wisconsin home base and house in Michigan to be near her family and the water (which her Pisces self demands.)

Meet Lisa


Lisa Liimatta is a holistic transformation coach who embraces her desires. A woman of power, Lisa understands what it takes to build a seven figure business while being a present mom. After selling her salon + spa Lisa turned to coaching to unleash her passion of supporting women to get what they want. Lisa is rewriting the rules that many find themselves following about needing permission to live their dreams. She co-creates freedom and joy for her clients, usually powered by a warm cup of tea. If she is not coaching you’ll find her on a hike in the woods, snuggled up with a book, or dancing to live music.

IT WASN’T ALWAYS ROSES. When thinking back to times when we didn’t know where money for the next bill would come from; being $100,000 in debt (Kaela); navigating a divorce on top of being the primary caretaker for her dying mom (Lisa) we’ve learned a lot.

Here’s what we know for sure:
following your soul will never – ever – lead you wrong.

Have you found yourself hustling, feeling overwhelmed, and being underpaid?

We’ve been there.

We are committed to coaching our clients to a different experience, one where stand in your worth and living an epic life is the end game and receiving wealth via your lucrative, mission-driven business is the bus that we’ll take to get there.

Working with Kaela, Lisa, and Rise Leadership Circle has something for every soulful entrepreneur. We share free content like it’s our job (check out our Facebook group, Live your YES Life).


When one woman rises up and says YES to who she is and the life she wants to live, it creates a ripple effect of abundance, generosity, and possibility for everyone she comes into contact with.

YOUR rising matters. YOUR rising will impact the world.


Our clients in the The Circle membership community love the twice-monthly 1:1 power coaching sessions (for less than a latte a day) to support them in creating breakthroughs on the spot to stay out of sabotage and into action.


Clients in our CORE program are being supported with both the inner work to be the empowered leaders that we are by shedding guilt and instead operating from worthiness and desire, and also the tangible business strategy to build a profitable, scalable company step by step.


And our Elevate Masterminds provide high-level coaching for the entrepreneur stepping into her next level in every area of life.

Our clients have developed results like these… 

Emily G. created $15,842 during her last two months of Core and first month of Elevate. 

Amber P. left her previous career to become a full-time entrepreneur during her first month of Core, she previously thought that she would have to wait another year.

Christine W. created $10,900 in her first 90 days in Elevate while also working full time and traveling for a month.

Deb D. reconnected to her power and stepped back into the leader that she knows herself to be at home and at work using her intuition as her compass.

At Rise Leadership Circle we are fueled by generosity. We live our mantra, “Rise up. Ripple out.” In our first year and a half we were able to give $30,000 in cash donations to local nonprofits and grants to entrepreneurs when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The ability to give big keeps us living our mission.

Are you ready to say “so long” to hustle, overwhelm, self-sabotage, and being underpaid?

Do you know that this is your time to stand in your worth and receive wildly?

Get started today by contacting us to let us know it’s go time!