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Now enrolling!

Do you have a bold vision for the next evolution of your life and business?


You’ve mastered the foundational pieces of your business, your niche, your offering and you’re ready to expand into mastering the business practices and high performance mindset that will take you to your next level of success.


You’ve already hit six figures in your business, or your clear that you’re ready to make it happen this year.


You have a desire to make a bigger impact in the world. You’re connected deeply to your mission and your ready for your message to be heard and seen on a larger scale.


You’re locked into your vision of bringing your next level goals to life this year and desire to be deeply supported within a community along the way.

We go further, and we get there faster, when we go together

Entrepreneurs aren’t like everyone else. We tend to go against the status quo and we love to make our own rules. But the problem is, sometimes those closest to us don’t always “get” us.

The journey of entrepreneurship can get lonely and we need others around us who believe in our highest potential, who see our strengths and call us to more.

Elevate mastermind is that community. It’s a soul sisterhood of like-minded women who will believe in you, support you and relentlessly show up for you.

There is a new paradigm in business today.

It’s no longer about climbing the ladder of success where there’s only room for one at the top, in the new paradigm success is built upon a framework of genuine relationships and collaboration where we link arms and rise together.


  • That feeling of knowing your truly belong while hanging out VIP style at our luxury retreats 2x/year with your new biz besties, talking about your dreams and goals and inspiring new ideas in each other.
  • Showing up every day as the CEO of your life and knowing that you are truly living into your fullest potential.

  • Stretching yourself to levels you always knew you could reach but just hadn’t fournd the right support to help you get there…until now.

  • Having a truly empowered relationship to abundance, wealth and worthiness.

Elevate might not be for you if…


  • You’re not willing to give and receive support or don’t desire to be a part of a community.
  • You’re just getting started and haven’t yet mastered the business basics required to create income regularly in your business
  • You prefer to lone-wolf your way through business

We’re Lisa and Kaela!

A mother/daughter duo who have successfully created and run multi six and seven-figure businesses. You’ll have exclusive access to behind the scenes in our business plus best practices to help you leverage your impact.

This is not a course, and there are no modules to complete. This is personalized support designed to meet you exactly where you’re at in your business and to expand you into the next level version of who you are becoming.

What they’re saying…

When I first started working with Kaela and Lisa in October, I was struggling in my coaching practice trying to figure out how to create consistent income and come up with the $900 a month to pay for coaching. I had 20K of credit card debt and had no idea how I was going to come up with the payments.

This was a HUGE game changer. I brought in 6 figures in 6 months and did it from a place of being feeling sourced. No hustle, no fake promises, no fancy funnels or FB ads. Just serving my clients and giving them the BEST I had to offer.”

– Chris Williams, Holistic Transformational Coach

“Because of these excellent enrollment skills Kaela and Lisa have taught me, I’ve been able to quadruple my sales this year as compared to last year, and the best part is I get to serve more of my ideal client because of it.”

– Alex VandeHei, HeiPro Digital


“In the past month I’ve had 18 consultations and 15 of them booked, securing over $15,000 in revenue. The icing on the cake after hitting my first six figures of the year by July.”

– Kate McFadzen, KLEM Studios

“Working with Rise Leadership Circle has changed my life and business. Initially, I was hesitant to hire coach. I felt like I could figure everything out for my business, a coach was too expensive. I quickly changed my mindset and saw value immediately in the way I needed support. I was able to talk about the details of my business and vision of where I want to go.

Working with Lisa and Kaela allowed me to 5x my business income year over year. The largest benefit of being part of RLC is the community of like minded entrepreneurs who will lift you up. I didn’t realize the impact of being around other women who believed the same things I believe would have such a profound impact on my life.”

– Jess Hopp, The Planner Collective