self guided courses

Ready to take things to the next level?


Ready to take things to the next level?

Go from burnt out and broke to lit up and loaded entrepreneur in 6 easy steps.

A sales & enrollment training that teaches how to powerfully serve and close your dream client!

Get out of your way and open the flood gates of abundance to sell like a Goddess.

How to Create a YES when Money, Time, and the need for Permission are in the way for your Client

Ditch the hustle & soul-crushing self-sabotage to build a profit plan that yields consistent five-figure months!

Take inspired action and boost your bank account, even during a time of rapid change.

1-2-3 Strategy for Generating Cash Fast (For Manifesting Entrepreneurs on a Mission!)

 Cultivate a new empowered relationship to money and create your highest revenue generating year as an entrepreneur. 

Learn more about Human Design, a resource to interpret and understand the aligned way that we can exchange energy with the world.

Consistent Five Figure Months Made Simple and Guilt-Free (even if you’re just getting started)

For Entrepreneurs who want to Live a Juicy Life (and build a profitable business bankroll it, hustle free)

Empower your voice and expand your wealth, without the hustle.

If you have a dream that you feel like you *must* bring into the world, this masterclass will give you the boost to get started.