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The Ripple Effect in Action

From the moment we co-created Rise Leadership Circle, we committed a portion of every dollar that a woman invests in herself by joining RLC, to be earmarked for giving back to benefit others.


The Ripple Effect in Action

From the moment we co-created Rise Leadership Circle, we committed a portion of every dollar that a woman invests in herself by joining RLC, to be earmarked for giving back to benefit others.

We believe that when one woman rises into her power, she silently gives permission for others to rise alongside her with her.

For every woman who has said YES, a ripple effect has spread out into the world.

Since 2019 we’ve given over $50,000 to entrepreneurs.

Together we’re making a difference.

We believe in being generous for generosity’s sake. This isn’t too good to be true. The grants that we provide to soulful entrepreneurs are no-strings-attached. We provide each selected grant recipient with the money via Zelle, PayPal, or Cashier’s Check, then it is 100% theirs to invest as they see fit to support themselves and move their mission forward. 

Many factors are considered when selecting grant recipients. We are especially committed to funding diverse people, businesses, and missions. 

We often use the word “women” in our marketing because that is how 99% of our clients identify; and, we are an inclusive community that welcomes men, trans, and non-binary individuals with open arms. All soulful entrepreneurs are considered for grant opportunities.

*We are committed to everyone staying on the up and up with taxes. We require all grant recipients to complete a W9 so that we can send the appropriate documents for taxes.

Past Recipients:

In 2019 Season Russo of Eye Heart World received our first $20,000 in grants. Eye Heart World supports victims of sex trafficking focusing on aftercare, prevention and awareness. Each of their initiatives is rooted in aftercare for survivors, prevention for at-risk youth, or awareness training for first responders and the community.

When Covid hit in 2020 we pivoted our grant efforts to support entrepreneurs whose incomes were severely impacted by the economic shut down during the Covid 19 quarantine. Five recipients received $2,000 each to pay rent, buy groceries for their families or to reinvest in their businesses to keep them going.

Fall of 2020 started our next 2 rounds of Rise Up Ripple Out Grants. Since then 10 entrepreneurs on a mission have been selected to receive individual $2,000 grants so that they can continue to make a splash with their mission.

Rachna Hukmani

Gina Peotter

Nicole Barnwell

Tiffany Yu

Mascha Davis

Rhonda Chandler

Nia Tayler Clark

Ada Chen

Luz Cadena

Trina Eskola

And now, we’re shaking things up again to make it even better. Drum roll please…. 

Introducing Entrepreneurs on the Rise!

More than just funding the missions of soulful entrepreneurs we want to share our platform so that the Rise Leadership Circle community at large can learn about the incredible initiatives. 


At our Fall 2021 two day retreat, WE Rise: Your Divine Feminine Evolution we will provide 5 soulful entrepreneurs with the chance to share their mission on our stage to hundreds. 


Each of the five Entrepreneurs-on-the-Rise will have 10 minutes to speak from the heart sharing the impact that they’re creating through their work and how they are continuing to make a difference. 


All WE Rise guests will have the opportunity to collectively choose which one of those five will receive the full $10,000 grant to move their mission forward. 

Applications are now open for the

Entrepreneurs-on-the-Rise opportunity!

To apply: 

  1. Purchase your ticket for WE Rise by August 31, 2021 (WE Rise is September 17-18 in Chicago or choose our fully virtual option)
  2. Applications to be selected as an Entrepreneur-on-the-Rise will be sent to all ticket holders on September 1 and are due to be completed by 11:59pm CT on September 3.

*Applications for the Fall 2021 $10,000 Grant will only be available to those who have purchased a WE Rise ticket by August 31. In the past we opened applications to anyone and gave all applicants a free ticket to WE Rise. We found a number of times when the recipients we wanted to choose didn’t redeem their free ticket. It is important to us that the recipients are also wanting to participate in the retreat, not just be sent a check. This is why we’ve updated the requirement of having a ticket first.