I’ve recently heard two things from entrepreneurs on the topic of visibility: 


  1. They feel like they’re a best-kept-secret. If only their ideal client knew about what they do it would be a no brainier to work together.
  2. They want to be visible so that they’re not a best-kept-secret and their ideal clients can find them, but they regularly feel crunched for time. So how do they stay consistent on social media with a full schedule?


Here are my three tips for staying visible even when you feel crunched for time: 


  1. Prioritize yourself

If we’re pouring out to every other space first and only giving ourselves the leftovers it makes sense that showing up consistently on social media feels draining and like a chore. We’re running on fumes and have nothing left to give!

It also takes a lot of mental willpower to try and force ourselves to be creative, inspiring, or deliver value if we’re exhausted and haven’t had our own cup filled.

When we prioritize ourselves (even with simple practices that take a few minutes) the desire to show up and share naturally occurs. We are our best selves, inspired, and creative when we are fulfilled. It’s the easiest and most organic to share the message that our ideal client needs to hear when we are personally well sourced.

Consider that if you don’t make time for you, you don’t have time for anything. YOU are the foundation of everything so if you are on empty, that’s how you show up to the rest.


2. Presence > Perfection

Let being inspired in the moment be enough to move you to share. You don’t *have* to be set with perfect hair and makeup. You don’t *need* to have lighting that’s completely on point every time you share. You can show up and speak to your ideal client when you are moved by your message, wherever you are.

When you are both present to the power of what you want to deliver via a live/post/reel; and also present to how you showing up right now comes from an aligned energetic space that will make an impact.

Your real life is a beautiful guide to prompt you to be visible. When you are in a space of joy, curiosity, passion, or have a thought that you know your ideal client would be served by hearing let yourself show up and share in the moment.


3. Take the pressure off

Forcing yourself to a rigorous commitment to be visible every.single.day.no.matter.what. can create a feeling of anxiety and resistance. Some days truly are more filled than others. And it’s not that we can’t find a few minutes to be visible (it’s always possible!) but that we don’t have to put the pressure on ourselves.

We can create resentment toward showing up on social when we force ourselves to on a day that we could benefit from a few moments of pouring into our own cups. And that resentment can carry into other days than having us feel like it’s always a chore to be present.

Instead allow yourself to flow through your most full days. When you take the pressure off it’s likely that the next day when you have more space you’ll be inspired to show up again.

The same is true with giving ourselves grace to be unplugged. We don’t need to show up on social if we’ve made a commitment to be tech-free for a day. Honor that commitment and when you’re back on social you’ll be ready to share something that you experienced during your rest.

Being consistent works better than creating resentment from being your own social media drill sergeant.


Are you inspired to let yourself be visible so your ideal clients can find and work with you? Which of these three tips are you going to practice first?


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