Have you ever set out to make positive, value driven changes in your life, only to discover that it ruffled some feathers and created some bumps in your relationships to those closest to you?

Do you know what your food values are, and if so do you truly honor them in your life?

Join me for a special episode with author Jamie Truppi, where we discuss her brand new memoir, Clean Food, Messy Life and so much more.

I loved every page of Jamie’s book.  She’s real, she’s honest and she’ll help you discover what you value most and how you can begin to live those values and be true to yourself in the process.

Jamie is a functional nutritionist, edible educator, food writer, author, local foodie, and farmers market devotee. An English degree in her back pocket and a Master’s degree in Science, Nutrition & Integrative Health (MS), she is also board qualified as a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) by the American Nutrition Association, holds a certification in Permaculture & Design, and as a yoga teacher. Truppi is on a mission to help people reconnect to their mind-bodies, nature nutrition, and each other through speaking, writing, and teaching about food consciousness through meaningful food experiences (that both curious skeptics and Mother Earth would endorse).

I can’t for you to get to know Jamie through this interview and to discover your own deep insights into following your inner alignment, including what you eat and where you source it according to your own personal values.

I’ve personally known Jamie for many years and we’ve worked together in a professional capacity as well.  Tune in to hear the aha moment during a coaching session together that made such a powerful impact in Jamie’s life she even included it in her book!

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