Kaela here!

My clients are AWESOME! Because they’re so awesome they are already looking at their goals for the year. They are setting themselves up to win and not waiting until December. While we are having this conversation, I’m getting the question from my clients, “How do I create more money?” They know what they did last year to hit their goals, but they are setting significantly higher goals. So, how do we fill in those gaps? I want to share with you the three steps that I walk my clients through and that I do myself whenever I’m looking at an opportunity to generate cash.

  1. How would you like to serve your clients? Get out of the space of making money. Money is a result of what is actually important. What we actually get to focus our intention on is serving. How can we make an impact? How do you want to serve your clients?
  2. Ask yourself, “What is the challenge or the opportunity that my clients have that I could solve by serving them?” Go from the big picture and narrow it down to a specific challenge or opportunity that they are having.
  3. What is the solution that your clients are SO hungry for that they would pay for?

Now instead of just thinking about how we can make more money, we are making it all about our client and get to really tap into how we can be of service to someone else. That person has a challenge and we can create a valuable solution that they would be happy to make an investment for. By doing this we fill in the gap and hit our money goals while being of service and making an impact! What would this look like for you? What can you create for your clients?

Standing for you,