As I write this I have a modified version of Madonna’s song “Material Girl” on replay in my head… “We are living in a virtual world and I am a virtual girl.” You’re welcome 😉 

As much as I love and prioritize in person connection, I know that many of the relationships that I start and build happen virtually. 

I’ve learned how to not only embrace this virtual world, but also to create profitable win-win relationships with people that I meet virtually. 

Here’s how… 

Committed to meaningful relationships

Rather than focusing on transactional exchanges (which can feel cold and robotic) I create meaningful relationships. 

I’m able to do this without it taking a lot of time or needing to set up virtual coffee with everyone I meet. 

I do that by asking engaging questions. 

Instead of just saying “happy birthday” to someone I’ll ask, “How are you celebrating your birthday?” 

If someone messages me and asks if I want to join their facebook group I’ll say, “Tell me about the kind of clients that you serve and the experience that I can expect being in your group.” 

Their responses open up a deeper conversation from go, and we can build a relationship that is impactful for both of us.

Welcome the relationship that I start with someone to be either client, collaboration partner, or cheerleader. 

Having a variety of relationships are the key to prosperity, and all 3 of these kinds of relationships are profitable. 


If someone shares with me that they are looking for support, about a vision or goal that they have, or that they specifically are wondering if they can work with me I will invite them into a conversation to explore what it would look like to work together. This conversation focuses on what they are wanting to create and if I feel that I can provide aligned support I’ll make an invitation. 

These are profitable win-win partnerships because the other person know has the support or resource to help them step into their transformation and goal, and is profitable for me because it directly supports my business. 

Sometimes I am the one that gets to become the client. This is win-win and profitable too! It is just as important for me to be fully supported and resourced as it is for me to provide that for others. 

Collaboration Partner: 

Sometimes I make connections with people virtually and it’s immediately clear that we both serve a similar kind of person or community, but in different ways. By getting to know them and their mission I lay the foundation for the possibility of a collaboration either now or in the future. 

This is a profitable win-win partnership because both of us will be able to add value to each other’s community and grow our audiences. 


And some people that I connect with virtually create a meaningful partnership because of the ways that we can be cheerleaders for each other. It’s powerful (and profitable) to have people in your corner who are rooting us on, and that we can share in their celebrations for too. 

Cheerleader relationships open up the space for us to practice giving and receiving. This has us be energetically poised to give and receive in our business too. 

Allowing for most connections that I make virtually to turn into win-win partnerships either as clients, collaboration partners, or cheerleaders keeps my interactions meaningful and profitable.

Make aligned invitations 

Once I’m clear on the relationship that I’m building with someone either as a client, collaboration partner, or cheerleader I make an invitation that makes sense for that relationship. 

This has us move from the getting to know you space into something that is truly win-win. We both benefit the more that we deepen how we play together. 

For example: 

  • I may invite someone who I think would be well served as my client to attend an upcoming event that I am hosting. 
  • Or, I would invite a collaboration partner to be interviewed in a blog series so they can be highlighted to my community and also share with theirs. 
  • Or, I might ask someone who is a new cheerleader friend to share about a goal that they have with me and I’ll share one with them so we can both hold a vision for one another.


I’d love to know, what possibilities do you see for yourself in making connections virtually now?