I learned that keeping peace meant staying emotionally safe at a young age. As a highly sensitive child I felt the tension, pain, sadness of others and had no idea how to handle, or even make sense of what I was feeling – so the best I could do was to help people avoid feeling heavy emotions by doing whatever I could to keep the peace.  This morphed into a lifelong habit of  people pleasing.  




It became my way of being into my adult life. I didn’t know how to “be” with my own sometimes heavy emotions, and I definitely didn’t know how to handle what I was feeling from others.




So my way of keeping the peace at all costs worked well as a child who didn’t have the skills to cope with what she was experiencing – but as an adult it waged an inner war that carried a heavy price.  




When we untangle from believing we need to deny ourselves in order to protect others – it’s like opening up a portal to our own soul voice, our deep inner wisdom. 




We begin to honor that soul voice inside of us that shows us where we long to go – and as we honor our own truth we open up to a whole new world of possibility. 




For me, this slow unwinding and opening to my soul voice lead me to my purpose. It continues to lead me to surprising places and calls me to expand. 




As an entrepreneur my soul voice is my greatest resource. A deep well of inner wisdom that’s always available. 




Do you regularly seek to connect with our own inner wisdom?  




If you’re ready to unhook from saying yes when you mean no, and giving up your own peace for the false belief that it’s benefiting others, begin by first tuning inward.




You can access your own soul voice, or intuition, in moments of stillness.  Our inner guidance speaks loudest in quiet moments.  




Close your eyes, breathe deep and listen.  Let your truth bubble up to the surface.  Trust that the clarity will come.  When you say yes to what you want, when you trust that honoring yourself benefits all those around you, you’ll begin to deeply experience the peace you long to give others.