In this inspiring episode of the Live Your Yes Life Podcast, host Lisa welcomes Lidia Evangelista, a resilient and empowering life coach who has journeyed through profound loss and emerged with a deep sense of purpose.


Lidia shares her compelling story, beginning with her decade-long career working with at-risk youth and transitioning into her calling as a spiritual life coach after the tragic loss of her husband to cancer. Lidia opens up about the whirlwind of emotions she experienced during her husband’s illness, the birth of their daughter, and the eventual grief of his passing.


She describes the transformative decision to leave her stable job and pursue life coaching, eventually adding Reiki into her practice to support herself and her clients through emotional healing.


Lidia is a beautiful example of what it means to be resilient and relentless for your greatest dreams, no matter what. You’ll leave this episode inspired to keep going and tapped into your personal power.


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