I can remember so many years of my life where it seemed like all of my energy was spent trying to be good enough. 

It felt like as soon as I woke up in the morning I was already down inside a hole, and my job was to climb my way up to ground zero, so that I could finally create the life that I really wanted. 


Do you know this hole that I’m talking about? We are there whenever we have thoughts like: 

  • Someone else could do this better. 
  • I need to lose some weight.
  • I don’t make enough money.
  • I’m not good with money.
  • I’m not ____ enough to find the partner of my dreams. 
  • I have a lot to do today. 
  • My past success was a fluke. 
  • If they really knew me they wouldn’t stay.
  • I’m not as ____ as ____. 
  • I stayed up too late again. 
  • I really want to change my diet. 
  • Why can’t I ever save money? 
  • Why can’t I be easier to love? 

And the list goes on. 


Being down in this hole doesn’t feel great, but it’s familiar. It’s often the place that our ego mind likes us to stay. This is because our ego’s job is to protect us, and one of the method’s that it employs to do that is to make sure that nothing changes. If we’re in a hole, but alive, our ego wants to keep us in that hole because nothing will change. We will stay alive. 


But we are not living a fulfilling experience. When we are in the hole we are not honoring our soul’s desire and all of the possibilities that are here for us. 


Once we come to terms with not wanting to stay in the hole we come to a roadblock that we’ve run into many times before. If we wake up already in the hole, then spend all of our energy climbing ourselves out, what energy is there to actually build the mountain of dreams that we want?


Furthermore, what about the moments throughout the day when someone else aids to the digging of our hole? The times when someone else shares an opinion, says something, or does something that leads us to compare ourselves and we find ourselves back digging our own hole instead of climbing out. 


Instead of mining our insecurities we must be mountaineers for possibility. 


It is crucial that we give up the job of digging deep into all of the reasons why we are not enough and shift to building the mountain where we can see all of ourselves and the options available for us. 


Here’s why: You are worthy of being on top of the mountain. It’s what you came here to do. 


Also, because life is so much more interesting and joy filled when we are on the mountain instead of down in the mine. And living a life of joy allows you to embrace the resources available for you and give generously to others. The way to have the experience of life that we crave is to build our mountain every day. 


The good news is that if you fancy yourself an expert hole digger, you have all of the skills that you need to be a professional mountaineer too. 


Instead of digging into your insecurities, creating a space for you to hide you will use your shovel in reverse to build yourself up, highlighting all of the ways of being that you have that makes you a soul driven leader. 


Building yourself up on the daily is a 3 step process:

  1. Start right away in the morning with an exercise that allows your soul voice to be heard. 

There is no “right” way that this has to look. Experiment and find the practice that feels best for you. Some options are: meditating, praying, journaling, walking, stretching, coloring, dancing, mirror work, etc. 

The idea is to have the first thoughts of your day be aligned with your soul’s truth. Now you are already building your mountain instead of digging your hole. No need to spend energy climbing up to ground zero, you are already there. 


2. Add to your mountain throughout the day by following joy. 

 Choose the activities that light you up the most. Every moment that you spend feeling joy is a moment when you are building your mountain. Release any guilt that you have around feeling joyful. When you are immersed in joy you can be for others. When you are guilty, shameful, or grieving you are focused on yourself. 

Joy inducing activities include: dance parties, high vibe music, reading “can’t put it down” books, eating delicious meals, exercising, 3 centering breaths, snuggling animals, telling people that you love that you love them, helping someone else, being creative, getting in nature, etc. 

3. End your day by acknowledging that you are on top of your mountain. 

 This is like bookmarking where you left off so that you can come back the next day. When you have an acknowledgment practice of yourself and what you created in your day your subconscious will get to work on expanding that as you sleep. 


Acknowledgement can look like journaling, naming it to someone else or yourself, or celebrating with foot or neck massage that you give yourself. 


The more you build yourself up, the easier it gets to do it on repeat all day everyday. 


You are worthy of being on top of the mountain everyday.