This week I’m continuing to answer the most asked questions of our community!


Kaylee and Safrianna asked, “How did you get our of debt because hi, it’s me, I’m the problem, it’s me.”.


Tune in to hear:

  • How I got out of six figures of debt
  • How I took my focus away from “being in debt” and turned it onto being a money magnet.
  • How trying to budget my way out of debt didn’t work.
  • And how I sold 100 people into a $100 offer creating $10,000 in 1 week


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Are you ready to do less and make more? Join us for The Impact Challenge. 

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>> Spending more time does NOT equal making more money, this is an outdated paradigm that keeps us burnt-out and broke. 


>> Making money is an inside job. When we upgrade our identity to realize that who we ARE is impactful, we become a magnet for money instead of chasing it. 


>> Focusing on making an impact is not the same as “doing all the things.” And if you currently are “doing all the things,” then you are likely not being impactful in the way that attracts money. 


>> Reaching your biggest dreams requires you to become more of who you really are. Getting there requires you to be willing to shift everything: thoughts, beliefs, actions, and identity to embrace your full power within. 


>> It will cost you more money, time, and joy to stay on the hamster wheel, this is where eventual un-fulfillment comes from. The ROI of BEING impactful will show up in your bank account, your schedule, and in your relationships. This is where unlimited joy stems from.


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