Today let’s talk about how you can sniff out a service provider with integrity and how you can be a service provider with integrity too. First, let’s create an agreed definition of what integrity is. The definition of integrity I like to use is Gandhi’s definition, which is, when your thoughts, speaking, and actions are aligned that is when you are in integrity. I know that for a lot of other people that being in integrity has to do with following a moral compass or ethical guidelines and those are great, but for this purpose let’s stick with Gandhi’s definition.

As humans, we are not fully in integrity or fully out of integrity, but at different places in our lives, we are shifting in and out of integrity on certain things. For example, if you have the thought, “wearing my seatbelt would keep me really safe”, and you tell others about how you wear your seatbelt to keep you safe when you drive, and then you wear your seatbelt while you drive, you are in integrity in that area. Conversely, if you thought that following the speed limit is something that you want to subscribe to and then you get pulled over for speeding and tell the police officer you weren’t speeding when you really were, you’d be out of integrity in that area. So, what this shows us is that people can be in integrity in certain areas and maybe not always in others. If there’s someone that is consistently being in integrity in multiple areas of their life then we can say that that person consistently is in integrity.

As a consumer, I specifically like to work with people who are in integrity and I want to share with you how we can use our detective skills to uncover if someone is in integrity. The way that I do this is to get really clear with myself when I have an experience with someone. Note that this isn’t always fact, it isn’t a judgment, it is just my experience. Ask yourself, “Are their thoughts, speaking, and actions in alignment?” Whatever we decide isn’t always truth, it is our experience. We are constantly having experiences of people and personally, I prefer to work with people and companies who are truly in integrity.

I recently had a learning experience in integrity with a large national furniture chain. After my experience they had me feeling like they were out of integrity. It could be true that this experience was out of the ordinary, but because of my personal experience of them not showing up and committing to what they said they would, I would choose not to work with them again. It’s okay though, there are tons and tons of other people who I work with who are in integrity. This makes most of my experiences so amazing.

We can get curious when we’re interacting with someone and based on the things that they say or they share. What are their beliefs? Are they speaking those beliefs? Are they sharing them in conversations and on social media? Does it seem like those words are in alignment with their beliefs? Are they taking action on them?

Here’s a place I feel totally in integrity in my life. I firmly believe that being supported and having a coach is one of the fastest ways to create success. I believe that having a coach is magical, amazing, and I get so much value out of it. I speak this all the time! I shout it out from the rooftops. You have likely heard me say it on Facebook or in person that coaching is the BOMB! I have a coach myself and I consistently invest in myself and my coaching so that my thoughts speaking and actions are all in alignment. If I believe that and I said that but I was unwilling to have a coach of my own then in that area I would be out of integrity. I am so grateful that I’m in integrity in this space.

If there was a photographer who was telling you that you MUST have a photographer on your wedding day, but they chose not to have a photographer on their own wedding day it would make us get a little curious right? We would think that maybe they are out of integrity in that area. Or a dentist telling everyone they need to brush their teeth and go to the dentist and then they never go to the dentist and they never brush their teeth. Would you want to go to that dentist? NO. Because they are out of integrity.

When we are hiring someone we can look to see if we are in alignment with them and if they are aligned with what they say. It’s really helpful to hire and work with people in a variety of industries and businesses who are walking their talk and are not just saying it, but are actually taking it on for themselves. It creates a totally new level of experience and I believe if you start to look for this and watch for this you will absolutely experience the best for yourself.

So, how can we be service providers who are in integrity? We can make sure that our thoughts, speaking, and actions are in alignment. We can be sure that what we’re thinking we’re also saying. And the things that we’re thinking and saying we’re taking action on. Now let’s raise our Integris vibrations ya’ll!



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