Kaela here!

Are you interested in creating on-the spot yeses from dream clients? What I mean by on-the-spot yeses is that when you’re in conversation and you invite someone to work with you that they would say yes and actually take action to have that happen. I love celebrating yeses with my clients in that moment, so I want to share how you can create this too. Here are my two tips:

  1. You get to be an on the spot yes first – We are usually also customers of others. The way we do business as a client is an indicator of how our clients will do business with us. If we want our clients to stand in their power and make an empowered yes then we get to do that when we are making buying decisions too. If there is a product or course that we want to purchase, we get to practice being a yes on the spot. If we are always being in delay we are sending that energy into the universe and attracting it back. How can we expect our ideal clients to say yes to us on the spot if we aren’t living our lives that way.
  2. You get to be sure that you are being in service for your potential client. Be sure that your client knows what they are truly being a yes for. When someone is a yes to working with me, they aren’t a yes for X number of coaching calls. What they are really a yes for is stepping into the resources and possibilities for them to create their own 6 figure or 7 figure business. They are being a yes for their transformation. If you’re a personal trainer, your client isn’t a yes for your product or working out x times a week with you. What they are a yes for is getting to their ideal weight, or getting to be their healthiest version of themselves. Be crystal clear with your client what they are actually choosing yes for.

I invite you to try these two steps and open your doors for YESES on-the-spot!