Last week I had the pleasure of having a vulnerable conversation with author, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. We were having a 1:1 phone conversation and I thought, “I want everyone I know to hear Michelle’s story.” So I asked her if we could record our conversation and share it with you. 


In this episode Michelle shares the real behind the scenes of being at the top of her career, then going to a very dark place, and the journey of her writing her just released book, Life is as Magical as you Make It: Learn to listen to your heart and find your Joy. 


This episode is for you if: 

  • You have ever ridden the roller coaster of highs and lows, this episode is for you.
  • You’ve ever found yourself in more debt that you imagined you would have and you feel paralyzed with worry, this episode is for you. 
  • You want to find joy again after a hard time, this episode is for you.


Plus, Michelle and I share how you can enter the giveaway to get a copy of her just released book! 

Watch here!

Or if you prefer to listen on the go you can tune in to the audio version here

One more thing! In the episode you’ll hear me walk Michelle through our Joy Archetype Quiz, if you want to take the 3 question quiz yourself you can do that here





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