We all set big goals in the beginning of the month. We’ve been busy business planning and setting our vision for 2019. We are getting pulled by the vision and we’re taking action. Now that we’re starting to take action, we realize that this is an uplevel moment, and have the realization that things will change. When we uplevel, things will be different and often we start to experience anxiety–life is not going to be the same.

Why is this? Our critter brain freaks out when there’s change. There’s another part of our brain that loves change and growth, and another one that wants to make peace between the two. Our critter brain tries to keep us alive and keep us in our comfort zone. It sees a massive uplevel as a threat. What does this feel like? It feels like tension, overwhelm, or confusion. You feel like there’s not enough time, like it’s too much, and some of us will stop taking action. We think we don’t know how and start to believe it isn’t for us anymore. We create different goals to feel better and sneak back into our comfort zone.

You have to be willing to stay in the tension of growth. Growth is uncomfortable. It is a place of the unknown. It is exciting, but it doesn’t always feel good. I want you to develop the willingness and the habit of staying in the tension, so that you can get past the comfort zone and quiet your critter brain.

How can we make that happen? We can operate on commitment and not on our feelings. Even though our critter brain is making us feel uncomfortable, confused, or anxious stay focused on your commitment. Take one step even if it makes you uncomfortable. When you start to become willing to stay in these moments of tension in all areas of life, you will start seeing yourself upleveling. Know that once you get there it’s going to feel great.