Kaela here!

It’s true. I do cry almost every day.

My tears are a lot different now than when I first started as an entrepreneur. When I first started on this journey, at the end of almost every day I would cry on the bathroom floor. I was living in a place of fear, scarcity, and self-doubt. Even though I’m still crying almost every day, they are a very different set of tears.

This quote by Michael Strassner helps explain my new set of tears.

“If you’re not crying every day, you are not playing”  – Michael Strassner

Are you willing to go as far as you can? Are you willing to do what it takes to have an experience of life that is moving? Are you playing at such a level (and I’m not talking about burnout) that it causes a really deep emotion?

I connect with a vision of my life and my business during meditation. I become connected, inspired, and so grateful that I cannot help but be moved to tears.



Sometimes what I dig up with my clients as a coach brings me to tears. When we dig deep and get beneath the surface and have a breakthrough it brings me to tears. It feels amazing to provide that support. Sometimes I am crying because I’ve crossed the finish line to the goal that I never thought possible. I let these emotions happen and I do it in service of playing a game that is so meaningful and impactful that it moves me to tears. I invite you to play this game of life at a level that is so meaningful that you cannot help but cry.