I started working with a coach in February 2016. This means that I have had consistent coaching (without any breaks!) for nearly 5 years! Often I’ve had not just one coach, but two or three at the same time. Over the years, there has never been a time when I wasn’t working with a coach, and honestly, I can’t imagine ever going without one again. 


Here’s why: It is the single best support structure that I’ve found to keep me connected to my power, heart, brilliance, dreams; and to stay in action honoring all of those things. 


I don’t have a coach because my life sucks or I think I need fixing. I don’t have a coach because I think I’m a “work in progress” and haven’t gotten “there” yet. 


Truthfully, I live a life that was unimaginable in my wildest dreams a few years ago. And it gets richer by the day. I also get how worthy and incredible God made me, and being coached supports me to move past the guilt and hesitation of shining so that I can actually be who I am and live the purpose that I came here to live. 


I don’t get coached because I think that something is missing or that I need more resources to be successful. 


I get coached because I love myself so much that I enjoy pouring into myself with support and a team who holds me to my highest. 


Coaching is neverending for me because I am ever evolving. I am always tapping into new parts of myself and unlocking new dreams. 


What has been true for me over the last 5 years is that the more that I allow myself to be supported, the more money I make, the more people I am available to make a difference for, the more I have increasing experiences of an epic life, the more delicious my relationships are, and the more optimum my health is. 


Coaching keeps me out of my own way. It shines a light on all of the places where fear sneaks in and doubt tries to take over. Coaching reveals new possibilities and invites me to play ball. 


I am so grateful for my team of coaches. 


What would be possible for you if you had a coach inviting you to play ball with your field of dreams? 

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