As you read through these, take note of how many you are currently experiencing. 


Symptoms of being disconnected from your power:

– not enough money

– schedule that is overfull

– compromising

– justifying your choices

– experiencing guilt

– making decisions based on circumstances

– experiencing a cycle of worry and relief

– focused on planning and strategizing

– feeling stagnate

– you get the leftovers

Symptoms of being connected with your power:

– consistent, abundant cash flow

– whitespace on your calendar

– creating win-wins

– choosing what’s aligned with your soul

– experiencing freedom

– making decisions based on desire

– experiencing joy and pleasure

– stretching and celebrating

– in motion

– you are a priority


How many do you currently experience in each category?


What’s the cost of continually being disconnected from your power? 


What’s the payoff of you sinking into the fullest expression of your power?


What’s between you and shifting from where you are to where you want to be? 


Calling back our power starts with a realization of where we are now, and becoming aligned with where we want to be. 


Start where you are, the next step on the path will reveal itself.