Today I’m sharing 3 Uncommon Ways to Experience More Joy + Peace Now!

In this week’s episode I discuss:

  • How I’m feeling called within my home
  • The natural cycles of Mother Nature and how important it is to honor them
  • Embracing the “wintering” cycle
  • The self care I’m practicing during these shorter months

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As the holiday hustle sweeps in, have you ever wished for a pause button? A moment to breathe, rest, and rediscover joy amidst the chaos?

Trying to nail those year-end goals while also crafting the perfect holiday can leave you anything but joyful.  You may worry that time away from your business will slow cash flow or feel like as much as you’d love to slow down, you sense that everything just might fall apart without you keeping it all together.

Feeling the year end frenzy, we often resist the inner urge to slow with the season.  Winter brings shorter days, less daylight, and the nudge to finally slow down, just for a moment.  Mother Nature is cyclical, and so are we.  She trusts in the promise of an abundant spring because she fully embraces the winter.

This doesn’t mean we stop everything, in fact, you may feel like your connections deepen and your creative ideas flourish.  Everyone will experience something different based on what’s most needed for you now.

And you’ll discover exactly what YOU need most right now

Introducing Within, Creating Peace and Joy in Your Life Now,  your passport to a winter season of true abundance and joy without the overwhelm.

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