Keeping our energy pristine is one of the best ways to be in vibrational alignment for attracting and receiving.



To be pristine means to belong to the earliest period or state. As humans, I believe at our earliest state is love.



Love is the state that we experience the most joy, success, and fulfillment.



When we are BEING love we have activated the magnet of who we are. We cannot help but attract and receive from this place.



Our humanness introduces other elements that open us up to other states than love: jealousy, fear, worry, guilt, shame, disappointment, hope, optimism, pride, etc.



We are designed as humans to experience it all. We don’t need to try and avoid the other states. In fact, instead of resisting them, embracing the state that we’re in is one of the fastest ways to return to the pristine energy of love.



The fun of being a human is in remembering and choosing that at our core we are love. Sometimes we forget and our energy gets wonky, and that’s simply an invitation to return home to love.



3 ways to keep your energy pristine: 



1) Feel the feelings


Allow yourself to be fully human. Feelings bring things for us to look at, places inside of ourselves to go, and awarenesses.



We don’t stay in a state of love by rejecting any other feeling, we stay in love by welcoming and allowing all other feelings and meeting them with love.



2) Radical self love


This is not about going through the motions of self care, it’s looking at our intentions behind everything. We can ask ourselves, “Am I choosing this because it is in service of my highest good?”



Here’s a practice to take on: play “just for today.” Instead of setting a new goal for ourselves to take on something for 30 or 90 days, make a choice to embrace it just for today. This allows you to show up for yourself and fully honor your commitment. Then you can decide if that’s still the most loving thing for you to choose again tomorrow.



3) Play for play’s sake


There is a reason that kids stay so close to the state of love, they let themselves play! Quit bridling your joy — there is liberation in letting yourself completely take on play. Playing resets our energy and immediately resets our state to love.



Play with all 3 ways to keep your energy pristine and explore other ways that you find bring your being back to love. It’s here that you will live your most fulfilled live, and your business will come along for the ride!