Are you waiting for joy?


Are you waiting until you “get there” to experience joy?  “There” being whatever it is you’re working towards right now.  The goal, the dream, the job, the relationship, the money….


Experiencing a greater sense of joy and peace in your life isn’t the end-game – it’s actually the path to getting there.  


Many people hold a belief that if you work really really hard, maybe one day, if you’re lucky, you’ll have what you want and then you can relax and have some fun.  I’ve found that many people limit their own potential because they’re afraid that going for what they want will only lead them to burnout.  


I used to believe this too.  But what’s actually been true for me is that the more I’ve intentionally sought to connect with my inner alignment to my higher self, and to Source, the more joy I feel in everyday moments.  And the more joy I allow myself to receive, the easier and faster I  create.  


When I’m working on a project that feels aligned, even if I’ve never done it before, I can work “hard” and not be tired.  There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.  I’m fully in my power and the work comes through me rather than me forcing something  from a place of scarcity or exhaustion.


What would be possible for you if you cultivated this sense of joy and passion every single day?  What would it feel like to move through the year ahead anchored into the essence of joy?  


It doesn’t mean you won’t face difficult circumstances – or experience negative emotions part of the time, but having a daily practice of cultivating joy will always connect you back to your true essence, to your alignment with who you are at a soul level.


This may be the path less traveled, but it’s truly the fastest path to reaching your goals and enjoying the ride along the way.