Want to have a breakthrough with how money comes to you? Turn inside.


In my work as a coach I find that the pattern many people are operating with is living their life in an effort to avoid pain. 


Though what they want is to be following joy. 


I can think of so many times in my life when I made decisions that would help me avoid pain. Things like: 

  • Staying in jobs that were unfulfilling so I didn’t have the fear of being unemployed
  • Avoiding social situations where I thought I might feel like I wasn’t included or rejected
  • Not asking for what I truly needed or desired in a relationship because I was afraid the other person would be hurt or misunderstand my request. 


Take a moment for yourself to think about the specific ways that you find you avoid pain.

In this week’s video, I’m going to provide coaching to you on the distinction between being motivated by avoiding pain versus following joy. And how to shift if you find that you want it to go differently for you.


Watch this week’s video here. 


Following joy doesn’t mean that the path is going to be all sunshine and daisies, there will be opportunities to embrace new opportunities, take risks, evoke deep self trust, and likely expand our capacity to be with the unknown or discomfort. 


Following joy has us avoid nothing. When we are following joy we welcome every emotion, every possibility, and every outcome. Even in the moments of a big emotion or discomfort, we know that we are acting in service of our commitment to joy. 


Following joy creates more. More opportunities, more yeses, more connections, and more money. 


This is why Lisa and I are running The Joy Challenge, a 5 day challenge where you’ll learn what we call your joy activators aka the inside work that has making money come naturally


Instead of working around the clock hoping that eventually you arrive at a destination of happiness (once you have enough money), step into radical, sustainable joy now and watch how that opens the door for your dreams, and bank accounts, to flourish in your life and business.

This challenge starts soon so join us today. Register here.