Do you ever wish that you could “Easy Bake Oven” your business? 


You know, put it in a little box, let the magic lightbulb do its thing, then find a fully baked, delicious treat when the bell dings? 


Growing a business isn’t *exactly* like baking a cake in the early 90s with an Easy Bake Oven, but there are some things that can create magical results. 


These are my top 3 go-to’s when I want to maximize results without hustle: 

  1. Raise your wealth set point
  2. Recalibrate to vision (not strategy) 
  3. Take on heart-work instead of hard work

Here’s what these three go-to’s look like in practice…

1. Raise your wealth set point 

This is a practice of moving beyond an energetic frequency of the amount of money that you are currently making (or have been capped at) and into the frequency that your desired income level lives at. 

There are five steps to move through when you want to raise your wealth set point. I’ll share them with you here, and if you want to dive in deeper, download our free training on this topic here: 

  • Connect with your worth
  • Embody your worth
  • Be clear about what you are committed to receiving and why
  • Be and act as the person who would receive at this new set point
  • Give, receive, repeat

When we work through these five steps each time we want to uplevel our business income it’s like turbo boosting what’s possible. The more aligned we are, the faster the results will appear. 

2. Recalibrate to vision (not strategy) 

When we are constantly fine tuning our strategy we can lose sight of the big picture. Staying too focused on the minutia slows us down. 

My favorite way to calibrate to vision instead of strategy is to think/journal/envision what my experience of life will be like once I already have my desired result. I try to connect with this using all of my senses and bring it to life as much as possible. 

As a result, my body starts to think that this is really happening (and it is really happening inside me.) Then my feelings adjust and become a match for that outcome. Now my actions are aligned with where I’m headed, not the small steps to get there. The small steps come naturally instead. 

3. Take on heart-work instead of hard work 

Hard work looks like taking every action from scarcity, fear, and playing a numbers game. It’s exhausting and not very fun. 

Heart work is when we align with courage and step into actions that will significantly move us forward in a quantum leap fashion. These are the actions that scare us or we feel like we need to practice. 

Practice them! Open up your heart and allow it to lead. 

Now you have it, the three ingredient recipe to mix together and bake up results fast: 

Raise your wealth set point

Recalibrate to vision (not strategy) 

Take on heart-work instead of hard work

You’ve got this.