Have you ever had a bout with imposter syndrome?  It can strike anytime we find ourselves in an uplevel, new adventure, new business etc.  


It sounds a little something like this:


“Who am I to do this?”

“Do I belong here?”

“What do they think of me?”

“I’m not an expert, or as good as….”


It can also show up when expressing your soul gifts, spiritual beliefs or personal truth, especially when you know it may rock the boat a little.


Imposter syndrome can show up at any stage of our journey, usually in moments of rapid growth, and in this episode I’m going to show you how to use it to your advantage to create an ever bigger upgrade in your life and give you a powerful practice you can use to create an empowering shift anytime Imposter Syndrome shows up.  


Tune in to hear:

  • How imposter syndrome reveals your identity:  This is about how YOU see yourself, not necessarily how others see you (even though we may think it is)


  • How your identity and what you believe about yourself is your connection (or disconnection) to your authentic self, or higher self.


  • A simple practice to shift your identity from imposter to empowered leader.


If you’ve been experiencing imposter syndrome, it’s an opportunity to reconnect to your deeper truth.  Your validation can always be found within, and will return you to your personal power.


Watch here!


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FROM IMPOSTER TO EMPOWERED:  Alchemizing Self-Doubt into Personal Power.  Use this simple coaching practice to reconnect  you to your confidence and power anytime imposter syndrome shows up.


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You’ll feel a shift fast as you get  into your heart, and choose from compassion, because this is where change occurs.


Be willing to see your own gifts.


Be willing to be uncomfortable.


Be willing to let others see you – even the awkward first steps.  Instead of following the urge to run and hide – let yourself be seen in the messy middle and remember, confidence comes through practice and experience.





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