How Much Space Do You Let Yourself Take Up? 


How many minutes can you spend in the bath before feeling guilty? 


How much can you sleep in on your day off before thinking about all of the things that you “should do?”


How many chapters of a book can you indulge in just for fun before thinking that you should be reading emails? 


How many sips of wine can you take before telling yourself that you’ll work out tomorrow? 


How many bites of cake can you have before you find the need to justify the choice in your head?


How much money can you ask for and receive before thinking, “Am I being greedy?”


How much money can you spend on you before worrying that you’re being selfish? 


How many minutes can you enjoy lunch in peace before feeling like you should get back to work?


How many back massages can you let your significant other give before feeling like it has to be even? 


How much of your honest soul-truth can you share without getting a vulnerability hangover? 


How much of your light can you shine without feeling too much? 


How much of your power can you stand in without feeling like you should shrink? 


What if the answer to the life that you dream of living is: activating your power enough so that you embody the belief that you get to have more, guilt free?


More baths, more sleep, more books, more wine, more cake, more receiving, more indulging, more sharing, more shining. 


What if you simply gave yourself permission to be all of who you are and take pleasure in all of the riches that are here for you?


Take it all. Soak it up. I dare you.