I’m so excited to bring you this powerful conversation with my friend, Angel Amy.  

Amy is a Psychic Medium who works specifically with angels,  spirit guides and  loved ones on the other side.. She’s a spiritual teacher who guides us to have a better understanding of the realms and dimensions beyond the earth plane and how it can benefit our human life here and now

Her mission is to connect as many people as possible to their inner light.  So that through this connection, one is able to form a relationship to the universe, to light, and to find a deeper connection within themselves.

Tune in to hear:

  • Her miraculous story during the birth of her daughter that led her to fully embrace her spiritual abilities and natural gifts
  • How you can connect to your own angelic guides and spiritual team 
  • The subtle signs you may be already receiving and how to recognize them
  • And so much more that will leave you feeling inspired, protected and excited to learn more!


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