Is anyone else’s inner critic a total mean girl? Mine is, and she’s loud! 😆


But I’ve found that just because I have an inner critic doesn’t mean that she needs to run the show, in fact, now she barely even makes the credits. 


Here are 3 ways to tune out your inner critic and access your higher power instead: 


  1. Start your day by nourishing your higher self. 
  2. Acknowledge what your inner critic is saying without accommodating it. 
  3. Remind yourself that everything only has the meaning we give it, play with other meanings that would be more empowering.


I speak into each of these in this video, watch it here. 


Or listen to the podcast version and subscribe here


In the video I mentioned that one of my tips for nourishing my higher self is by inviting it to share often. A support structure that I love to remind me to do that is by changing the wallpaper on my phone to ask my higher self a question. This way each time I pick up my phone I’m turning down the volume on my inner critic, and up on my higher self. 


I have 3 Inner Wisdom Wallpapers that you can download for free here to use as your phone background. 


How often does your inner critic sabotage you? Let me know which of these 3 ways you’re going to try in the comments of my video here


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