I was a girl with a dream…now I’m celebrating!

While I’m continuously practicing being in the present moment, I can’t deny the part of myself that loves to plan.

Planning allows me to snuggle up to my future vision and taste it. When I have a plan I feel centered and grounded in my desires, which allows me to be committed and unattached (a key in manifesting!)

For years I searched and searched for a goal mapping/day planner that didn’t feel rigid or like I needed to focus on doing.

My favorite way of planning is by starting with the Divine Feminine and then backing it up with the Divine Masculine.

I never found anything that fit just right. So each December I would say to myself, “One day I’m going to make my own planner.” I was a girl with a dream.

Well friends, it’s time to celebrate… the Year of My Rise Planners were just released for our 3rd time!

If you are a soulful entrepreneur this planner is for you. Why? Because it is so much more than a planner.

Tucked inside the cover is our signature quarterly goal mapping system that is totally rooted in Divine Feminine energy; weekly spots for important reminders, seeds you’ve planted, celebrations, and gratitudes. Each day includes an image of the moon in it’s current phase, a spot for your intention, and 15 minute increments for appointments. Plus there is ample pages for notes, dreams, sketches, and tracking anything else important to you.

You can get your planner here: https://riseleadershipcircle.pages.ontraport.net/rlcplanner2022

It gets better, Planner Palooza is here! When you add on a ticket to our December 10 Virtual Diamond VIP Day (create crystal clarity for full circle expansion in 2022) you’ll also get access to our upcoming Human Design workshop 🙂

The Diamond VIP Day is an opportunity to take a new approach to planning out the next year. It will be celebratory and inspiring. If you get your ticket before 11/30 you can save 50%. Register for the Diamond VIP Day here: riseleadershipcircle.pages.ontraport.net/diamond-vip

Here’s to your plans becoming next year’s celebrations!