I know you’ve heard of the law of attraction, but are you familiar with the Law of Giving and Receiving?  The Universe operates through a dynamic exchange of energy. You can see this in action sitting on the shore and watching the ebb and flow of the waves in the ocean – notice how they flow in and they flow out.  Imagine  what would happen to the balance of the Universe if the waves just rolled in, and in and in…..


Or think about the way your lungs breathe life into your body – air flows in, then out, then in again.  


Giving and receiving are 2 sides of the same coin and one can’t exist without the other.  If you want to give generously, you must also be an abundant receiver!  


For many of the women in my life, I’ve noticed they’ve got the giving part down pat, but receiving?  Well that’s another story…  We’ve been conditioned by society to believe we should give and give and give, and so we feel guilty for receiving.  


But guilt is a low vibe emotion that messes up our manifesting vibes.  We’re actually designed to be a part of this dynamic flow – just as our lungs breathe in – and then out – we’re meant to participate in life by allowing abundance in all forms to flow in and flow out through us.  


Ready to get your manifesting powers on point?  Drop the guilt!  Unplug from the outdated programming that leaves you feeling guilty or settling for breadcrumbs. 


Here’s how:  Look back over the last month.  Where have you been blocking receiving?  

Do you need support but feel bad for asking for (or paying for) someone to help you?  Help at home or with kids or preparing meals?  Self care/health care?  Spiritual support? What about your career or business – what would be possible if you had extra support in bringing your mission into the world?  


The Universe is ready to supply you with everything you need  – your job is to be willing to receive..  Trust that the people in your life want to support you and also trust others to manage their own energy.  They are responsible for their yes or no – no guilt required. 


My challenge for you this week is to identify a place in your life where you can open up to receiving, ask for (or hire) support and notice how abundance begins to flow!