There’s something that I see a lot: entrepreneurs burning the candle at both ends to build a thriving business. Which I totally get, we want our businesses to thrive because: 

  • we want to make a difference 
  • we have big dreams in our own lives that we want to experience 


So we look towards a never ending list of strategies. Social media, sales funnels, ads, growing a team, etc. All of these are helpful and necessary. But they are the second half of the equation. 


Making money doesn’t start with an outside strategy. It starts inside of us. 


Making money is an inside job. When you lead with radical joy, profit follows. In my video today I’m going to reveal HOW this works so that you can experience greater profit in your business as a result of genuine joy in your life. 


Watch this week’s video to learn how you can lead with joy and have profits follow. 


In the video ^ I’ve given you the basics of how making money is an inside job, and there’s so much more. This is why Lisa and I are running The Joy Challenge, a 5 day challenge where you’ll learn what we call your joy activators aka the inside work that has making money come naturally


Instead of working around the clock hoping that eventually you arrive at a destination of happiness (once you have enough money), step into radical, sustainable joy now and watch how that opens the door for your dreams, and bank accounts, to flourish in your life and business.

This challenge starts soon so join us today. Register here.