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Introducing the grand re-name of our podcast and NEW Facebook Group, both named: Live Your YES Life


Que confetti! 


Listen to our newest Live Your YES Life podcast here where we introduce our new name, and the mini-series we’ll be bringing to you all month: How to Get What you Want. 


Then be sure to hop over to our shiny, brand new hangout: Live Your YES Life Facebook Group


Why the rename? 


It was time that we updated our messaging to be a true representation of the work that we do. 


We help people live their YES lives. 

We help people get what they want. 

We help people choose themselves and their dreams. 


Ready to dive in? Come celebrate with us by tuning into the newest pod episode and joining our FB community.


Watch here!


Or if you prefer to listen on the go you can tune in to the podcast version here


Join us for The YES Method: A mind, body, soul approach to being
a YES for yourself and the life that you truly want.

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With love,

Kaela and Lisa


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