Do you experience a steady stream of miracles? If not, there might be a kink in your possibility hose. 


I see people hustling, efforting, overworking, trying, figuring out how… and they seem exhausted. 


I can recognize when I’ve subscribed to all that efforting too. 


We think that for miracles to occur we have to create the perfect conditions from scratch. 


Actually, the perfect conditions for a miracle already and always exist. We simply need to stop blocking them. 


Miracles are possibilities made manifest. Possibilities are steadily flowing in each minute. 


Have you built a dam that’s keeping possibilities from moving? 


Are you interrupting miracles or expecting them?


Think about the possibilities that feel so fulfilling and expansive. 


Now move beyond thinking. Envision those possibilities coming to fruition. 


Now feel it in your body. 


If you were fully surrendered to what you just felt, how would you be being? 


And if you were being that, what actions would you be taking? 


Go out and experience the steady stream of miracles waiting for you.