The comfort zone is tricky.  Well, because it’s just oh-so-comfy, even if it is a little boring.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for comfort, and we need to create space for our overwired nervous systems to rebalance and relax.


But sometimes we can stay too long, stuck in the perceived safety of what feels good in the moment.


If you’re finding it hard to leave good-enough even though you KNOW you’re meant for more, this video will:


  • Help you heal the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in mediocrity
  •  Give you a strategy to heal old beliefs stuck in lack or limitation by shaking up energetic patterns 
  • Show you the path to living as your true authentic self can only be found just outside of your comfort zone – living, working and playing in the zone of trust.
  • Inspire you to get into action where you’ve previously been stuck.



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in conversation with someone who has a bold mission in their heart.  A mission that can create real, profound impact and change.  And yet, their mission goes unfulfilled because they fear the discomfort of making the change.


When we ignore the calling inside of us, it will get louder and more uncomfortable until we act.  In an effort to minimize this – we disconnect from our dreams, find ways to numb out the dull ache of not listening to where our true self is leading.


And this is where the once smooth waters of comfort turn stagnant.


Sometimes we can stay here so long that we lose connection with who we really are.  The good news is – by reconnecting with your true joy you’ll be directed back to the path to who you really are.


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