My last week of working in corporate America before becoming a full-time entrepreneur was one of the most stressful of my life. And after having a stroke at the age of 19 in part due to stress, my bar was already set pretty high. 


I had no current clients, no cushy savings account, and no clue how I was going to bring on new clients. 


I also had a left arm twitch that was a constant reminder of my anxiety. 


The holidays were around the corner and I did not want to feel like a failure when I was around my family or my friends all celebrating in good cheer. 


I dreamed of $10,000 months, but honestly just making enough to pay my bills seemed like a stretch. 


I both trusted myself, and was totally freaked out. I spent more night crying on my bathroom floor than I care to admit. 


I can feel the tightness in my chest return just thinking back to that period of life. 


I wanted my dream to come true so so badly. I thought about the way that my life has been transformed, and how I wanted to create that for my clients day and night. 


I knew that following my dream made all of the stress anxiety and fear worth it. 


If I could go back and tell my former self what I know now I would look her in the eye and say, “Keep going. You are going to amaze yourself. It will happen fast.” 


If you are on the brink of trusting yourself and letting your dreams take the wheel, know that I’m energetically looking you in the eye too and saying, “Keep going. You are going to amaze yourself. It will happen fast.”


What I learned by leaning into the anxiety of that period was to trust myself, which turns out to be an entrepreneurs greatest tool. 


If you’ve been feeling alone on this journey of entrepreneurship I want to invite you to reach out and be part of a community of women who get it. Join us in the Prosperous Entrepreneurs Power Pack on Facebook. 


Keep going. You are going to amaze yourself. It will happen fast. 


Xo, Kaela