Touching Gold is a blog article series from Rise Leadership Circle featuring soulful entrepreneurs who have reached success in a variety of ways, including celebrated a financial milestone and a look behind the curtain of how they did it.

We believe there is power in sharing about all wins (yes money wins too!) our path to get there, and where we’re going next. It is NOT taboo. The more that we can celebrate success in all of its forms the more that we can all step into the success of who we fully are.

Below are five articles by fellow soulful entrepreneurs. Enjoy!


Using the Nurture MethodTM to grow the business of your
dreams, without loosing your mind or sacrificing your integrity by Christine Williams

It’s LOUD out there in social media land. I get it. And, there are a LOT of people telling you the “RIGHT” way to do things. But here is the thing sweet friend, if it doesn’t feel aligned for YOU, it’s not going to work. In the quantum world, energy will ALWAYS trump strategy. So you
need to feel aligned FIRST with the strategy you decide to implement in order for it to have optimal success.


When I first started my health coaching practice, I was told to just book discovery sessions. Give away a 1 hour coaching session and SELL someone into your 90-day program that way. Except it didn’t work that way. It felt like a bait and switch. Offering someone a free 1 hour coaching session was not “really” about free coaching. It was a “tactic” for trying to convince, persuade or overcome objections to joining me in a program. And ICK!! It was so OUT of alignment for me. So I stopped. And when I stopped and focused instead on actually creating
relationships, cultivating community and nurturing those relationship in 1 to many workshops, my business QUADRUPLED.


Not only that, but it was FUN. I was showing up aligned, in my integrity and there was no forcing involved. It felt easeful and natural to serve and give value, and have an energetically aligned way to naturally invite people to take the next step with me. And, so many women entrepreneurs are missing this same critical piece that I was.


Here’s the thing. You need to understand what is required to attract, nurture and invite people to work with you in order to have a successful business. Do you have a Marketing system to attract your READY YES clients? A solid heart-centered sales process in
place to convert to a paying client? Before someone makes a purchase, they have to know, like, and trust you. How are you going to make that happen? 1 hour discovery sessions do not build, know, like, trust with a stranger. If they don’t already know what you do, have an experience of you and know they are getting on a call to talk about your program or offer, it’s out of alignment.


The good news is that there is a simple process to follow that works really well for those of us who are not wanting to be a
salesy weirdo. It’s called the Nurture MethodTM and it’s just 3 simple pillars.

1) ATTRACT the right clients so they know you exist. If people can’t find you, there’s no way they can become your clients. You need to be visible so they can find you. This allows them to self identify that they are in your world and you can invite them into the next step.


2) NURTURE the people who are identifying as wanting the solution to the problem you can help them with. This is where serving valuable content, giving value and creating win’s, breakthroughs and epiphanies for your ideal client comes in. It’s where you build know, like, trust and cultivate a community. This is where the FUN happens.


3) INVITE people to take the next step with you. This is about enrollment not convincing or persuading or overcoming anyone. It’s becoming a partner to help your prospect get what THEY want and desire. It’s not really about your program or offer. People want solutions. Not programs. And, you need to give people a reason to take action. You need to invite them into working with you—if you don’t ask them, you’re abandoning them on pain island. If you really want to help your client have a different experience of life and move towards their dreams, working with you in partnership is the quickest way. How do we know that? Because if they could have done it on their own, they would have already. You’re always going to have people at each of these phases in the customer journey, so to keep it simple, pick just ONE inspired
action from each category to attract, nurture and invite.


Here are some options to choose from from each category.

1- share a free handout, checklist, recipe or post to help your people self identify that they desire what you have to offer.
2- Guest on a podcast and offer one of your freebies
3- Start your own Facebook community so your ideal clients have place to land and learn from you for free.

4- Be a guest expert in someones paid program
5- Be a guest in a summit that serves your ideal client
6- Collaborate with other entrepreneurs that serve your ideal client in a different way than you do.
7- Do a live mini training in your Facebook group or on your Personal profile.


We keep this simple. The easiest way I have found to nurture my audience and ideal clients are in Nurture Events. They are
designed to give lots of value, create know like trust and are fun. I just a did a free training on How to create a 90-day Nurture Plan.

When you have a simple system and process to invite people to work with you and take the next step- it makes 1 hour discovery sessions irrelevant. Some simple ways to do this are:

1- Opening up enrollment or sharing your offer inside of your nurture event. You’ve serve amazing value and shared what’s
possible for them, so don’t leave them in the pain of their problem. Show them a way out.
2- Send emails out AFTER you have served them and delivered value in a nurture event.
3- Personally inviting the people who joined you in your event to explore what it could look like for them to join you. This is NOT a
1 hour discovery session. This is a QUICK chat to help them make an empowered decision about joining you in the specific offer you made in your nurture event. There is no bait and switch and this is nota free coaching call to help them get unstuck- this is a call to see if its a right fit for both of you to work together.
4- Post on social media and make it easy for people to contact you. Remember, 1 in 5 people will see your posts, so be sure to show up consistently and interact with the people who are commenting. Just be a real person. But make the invitation. Without sales, you have an expensive hobby and not a profitable business. How to create a successful nurture event What do you want to be known for? Ideally this is sharing your signature framework. The process you take your clients through to get the transformation they desire.
First you want to return to your ideal client avatar uncover a few things.


Step 1: Jot down five things you know for sure your ideal client struggle with. What does it look like for her on pain island.
Step 2: Write down a handful of things you know that it looks like for her on pleasure island. What are SOLUTIONS and results she
would like to have?


• What are some of the roadblocks they might be facing that you can help them solve?
• What pains are you alleviating? Are you saving them time, money, or stress?
• Have they seen proof that you can deliver on what they need?
• What might be preventing them from swiping their credit card and how can you address their concerns head-on?
• Do they know enough about your expertise/what makes you uniquely qualified to help them?
When you have a process or system, it creates credibility with your audience. And the truth is, people buy processes not
programs. They need to have a clear view of how they are moving from pain island where they are struggling, ti pleasure island where they have the solution and result they desire. A Framework does that for you and take all the pressure OFF you selling you. Instead, sell the process. It also makes your event repeatable. When you teach your framework, you become known for it and you want to put that on repeat. When you do this, you master your process. You keep things simple and you become a leader in your field.


Nurture events can be SIMPLE too. They can be a free Facebook live in your group. A couple of days, or a big 5,7 or 9 day event that delivers value for a longer period of time. The important piece is to just get started. Even if you are only teach a piece of your framework or a step in your process, start sharing. Get visible. Talk about it over and over. Repetition creates belief and believers are buyers.


I teach all of this inside my 6 month business accelerator program Active AbundanceTM. We get you dialed in to your READY YES client, create your high end offers of a beautiful boutique business model (100k-500k) and help you create your framework and run nurture events. But we keep it simple. Focused and low tech. No fancy funnels, ads, complicated tech or slimy sales tactics. It works so well for heart centered women entrepreneurs who want to have a serve first, high touch strategy and be well paid by sharing their gifts with others.
You can check out more here We open enrollment just a few times a year and keep the class small. We only take 15 women at a time to keep things high touch and impactful with wrap around support so you are actually implementing what you are learning and creating cash in your
business. The next class starts in July, so feel free to shoot me a message at if you want more details. And let me know if this has been helpful for you. I read all my own emails and will respond directly to you.


Here’s to your ultimate abundance sister,


Melissa Proski – Soul Sounds

Melissa Proski is the owner/operator of Soul Sounds. Providing sound massage, sound baths and crystal therapy sessions. My work focuses on providing self care sessions where people can fully relax and receive whatever it is that they need energetically or physically. This can vary from deep relaxation to being opened up to a spiritual experience.


Founded by my own spiritual exploration journey, Soul Sounds was founded in 2019. Within 4 months of becoming a certified sound massage practitioner I was offered a space at a well known business. In 2020 I was able to move into a larger space in our studio and in 2022 my co-workers and I hosted a successful in-person spiritual retreat.


Tips for success:
1) Invest in support where you need it. Technical, branding, social media, coaching, etc.
2) Network, network, network 🙂
3) Trust yourself to know what is right for you and your business.


Over the past 3 years I have cultivated an amazing team of people to support me in my journey. All the ladies at the studio where I work are a team and we help each grow personally and professionally. My family has been an amazing support. Working with a coaching team has been a huge support for me and the community of entrepreneurs that came along with the coaching group has been amazing.


The next milestone for me is to turn my business into my only source of income so that it can fully support me financially. My goal is for this to happen by the end of 2022. I plan to do that by continuing all the support that I have in place and fully living my dream. I am all in and
believe that it is happening now.


Get connected with Melissa at Soul Sounds on FaceBook or at – 920-660-3410


Tania – T for Textile

Hello all! I’m Tania – former art teacher turned business owner. I’m the founder and artist behind T for Textile, a small business dedicated to fibers jewelry, textileart and small business consulting for female entrepreneurs. My hope is to bring a little bit of creativity and confidence with every piece I create and every session I provide. I want YOU to feel like the very best version of yourself anytime you use my products, receive a class or get a 1:1 consulting session with me.


This business came about in a most unlikely way; during the Covid-19 lockdown in April 2020. During this period of my life, I was still at my “9-5” teaching job, and completely unhappy and burnt out. Yet, when the lockdown occurred, I noticed my job to be obsolete (art teachers were not  a priority during this time). Therefore, I found myself with the perfect combination of time, money and energy to finally actualize my dream of owning a business. 


When I decided to embark on this journey I had zero idea of how I was going to achieve it nor had any training to start it off. I just had this gut feeling that it was the right path for me. With this feeling as my north star, I started an Etsy shop, learned everything you can imagine from business logistics to marketing and  perfecting my art skills, and the rest is history! Now, two years later, I am proud to say that I am celebrating 1 full year of self-employment, 2 years in business, and on the road to becoming a $50k a year business. This is something that I NEVER would have thought possible when I first started and am incredibly grateful for. Each time I grow into a new milestone in my business, I intentionally prepare for it by practicing gratitude for my current successes, and truly feel appreciative for everything I already have.


If there is any nugget of wisdom that I could pass on it’s this: You can create ANYTHING that you want. Anything, as long as you believe it’s possible and meant for you. The rest can be learned along the way.


Getting to this point of my personal and business successes has been a journey, to say the least! Something that nearly no one in the business world will say is that when a person decides to start a business, they also decide to start a self-discovery (and at times spiritual) journey. Because of this revelation, I have sought out many mentors and support along the way, including online teachers, art coaches and fellow business owners. I am usually a one-woman-show. Yet, in business, community is everything. Without it there is no success, with it you are whole. 


I’d love to connect with you! Should you ever want a fibers artwork, a class, a consulting session or a friendly face to talk to please feel free to reach out at or find me online as @tfortextile on Instagram. 


Sherri Starr and Jessie Cox – StarrCox Community

Sherri Starr and Jessie Cox are the “dynamic duo” and co-founders of StarrCox Community. Together, they provide customized do-it-with-you services for coaches and consultants to put the essential pieces in place so their businesses can attract and enroll ideal clients, while creating the lasting impact they envisioned when they started.


When working with StarrCox, Coaches and Consultants no longer have the struggle of building their business alone. They get an instant team of coaches and experts to brainstorm with and implement the intangible and tangible building blocks for their unique business. (Intangibles include: brand story, message, ideal client, voice, mindset. Tangibles: social media, products & services, website & landing pages, email management & automation, custom sales scripts, organic marketing & visibility strategies and more).


Also known in their community as the “Support Squad,” Sherri and Jessie are on fire for their clients and committed to infusing fun, authenticity, and innovation into everything they do. This, coupled with their extensive experience in the coaching world and startups, makes them an unstoppable team.


They teamed up back in 2019 after noticing a problem: too many coaches were struggling online, not getting the answers and support they truly needed to get their business off the ground. Since then, they’ve been on a mission to reinvent the way coaches receive support, providing the hands-on services that are lacking in the industry (without breaking the bank).


Sherri and Jessie encourage every coach to adopt their 3 As for Success:

  1. Accept that you are a business owner. This will result in making better and faster decisions, delivering better value, building better skill sets, and attracting the right clients, team, and partners.
  2. Adapt to the ever-changing business landscape so you can stay ahead of the curve with innovation.
  3. Ask for help often from experienced people to avoid getting stuck and shorten the time between idea and action.


Sherri and Jessie are most proud of the genuine synergistic partnership they have created together, and are most grateful for the many coaches, mentors, partners, and team members who have supported them along the way, and continue to be a part of their ever-growing vision. They walk their talk by always asking for help when they need it because they believe no successful business gets there alone.


Their next exciting milestone is to “Assemble their Avengers,” as Jessie calls them: a team of top-notch coaches and team members specializing in various aspects of business building and growth to match the expanding capacity of StarrCox without sacrificing the values and quality of service their clients expect and are promised.


No matter where you are in your journey as a coach or consultant, there is a place for you to receive the support you need to make your business real. Sherri and Jessie have an active group membership called The Collective; they have 2-on-1 private coaching and implementation services; and also fast-action “Get-It-Done Days”. Want to get connected? Follow them on Instagram, or visit their website at 


Leslie Gaudet – Leslie Gaudet Coaching

Leslie Gaudet is a Mindset & Emotional Awareness Coach who helps her clients bring self-awareness to how they respond when emotionally


She also works with mission driven women who want to make a bigger impact in the world by pursuing their passion project or exploring entrepreneurship believing they don’t have to choose but can embrace and love both, that it’s possible to keep doing what they love, get things done more efficiently, and still spend quality time with loved ones. When they DEVELOP an unstoppable mindset, LEARN how to manage their emotions (protecting their time), they’re FREE to be in flow designing a life they love living.


After almost 4 decades as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Leslie started to feel the burnout, so she took back control over the only thing that she could (her time), and that’s when her life changed for the better, believing that taking
back her time saved her life. Her self-development journey and her own self-love transformation found her stepping into life coaching and in December 2018, Leslie Gaudet Coaching was born. Through the tools she gathered along the way, she has helped other women who’ve felt- burnt out, felt unseen or unheard, to find their voice and start building their dream lives.


For the past 2 years, Leslie and her husband of 26 years have been living a location-free lifestyle splitting their time in Canada, USA, and Mexico stating “All I need is Wifi, and I’m good to go.” She’s currently working with clients in her new program The 3S Success Formula which stands for Support, Strategy, and Sustain(ability). When you have the foundational pieces to support your overall wellbeing (mind, body,
soul), are in alignment in the What you do, How you do it, and most importantly the Why, you can create sustainability through a solid plan that’s in alignment with your overall vision. Truly, you can have fun structuring your life for there is Freedom in Structure. Remember, every day is a gift from God that you get to unwrap and explore, designing how you show up in the world.


When working with her clients she uses a tool that she believes provides some of the best energy there is and that’s Gratitude. Through her guidance, her clients learn to Find the Gratitude bringing peace of mind to their day by finding joy in living. Through bookending your days with gratitude, you anchor in celebration memories to last you a lifetime.


Bottomline, do what you love for you first; not for anyone else but you. Life is not easy but when you have that deep connection with your Why you are doing your What, it will keep you motivated to keep at it even when you don’t feel inspired.


If you’re mission driven to make a bigger impact in this world, let’s chat & explore what adding more value to your life could look like. Shoot me an email at or connect with me on Facebook at