We know that connecting your worth is the foundation you want to build your business (and your life) on, but what do you do when you don’t “feel” worthy?


Maybe you’ve had a lifetime of experiences that have seemed to suggest that maybe somehow, you are fundamentally flawed.  (Welcome to being a human)  Or no matter what training or coaching you’ve done, you just can’t shake that mean girl in your head who says you’re simply not enough.


Learning about worthiness as a concept can sound good, in fact, it can feel like a really inspiring place to get to – but what about when it seems that at a core level – you just don’t really believe it?  


Trust this:  your soul knows.  That wisest part of you, that part of you that you can lean into in moments of stillness – it will always tell you the truth.  And the truth is, you could never be anything less than inherently, wholly worthy. 


If you feel disconnected from this truth, create space to consciously connect to your soul voice.  Just simple moments of stillness – listening within.  It will always tell you the most beautiful truth.  So often we’re disconnected because we’re letting our ego mind lead the show and we never slow down long enough to hear the truth.  


Try this 2 step practice to connect to and embody your worth every day.


  1. Find a space to get still.  If you have littles at home you might need to get creative, but trust me, anywhere works.   Your closet floor, the car or maybe you can escape for a few minutes and slip into a warm.bath.  Just slow down and breath.  Ask your heart to open up and show you the truth of who you are at a soul level.


Imagine yourself fully connected to your truth.  What do you notice?  How do you feel?  What do you see yourself doing?  How are you dressed?  What do you notice about how you speak, connect and show up each day?  

2. Embody your worth by bringing that feeling into your body now.  Choose to practice carrying this sense of worthiness, confidence and trust into your day today.  Embody this future version of you by walking, talking, dressing, connecting and showing up exactly as you envision in your stillness practice.  


Continue to practice letting your soul truth lead you in this way and eventually  your limited ego mind will get fully on board and you’ll be able to go forward towards your dreams with a new level of confidence, peace and trust in your ability. 


You are so worth it,