Imagine that you want to bake an incredible, beautiful, delicious cake. 


You might read an article about tips for cake baking, watch a youtube video on how to frost it , and call someone that you know for tips on decorating. 


But that alone wouldn’t actually bake, frost, or decorate your cake. 


This is the place that I see so many entrepreneurs get stuck, they are focused on consuming all of the strategy, less on the baking. 


We read a book about marketing, take a course on sales, and work with a friend/coach/mentor on creating the perfect offer. 


But knowing the strategy alone doesn’t build a successful business. 


When it comes to the cake we forgot one crucial step: the ingredients. 


It can be easy to overlook this step. We might assume that they’re already all in our cupboard. 


Yet, if we don’t actually do the foundational work of sourcing the ingredients, mixing them, and putting them in the oven we don’t have a cake. 


It’s the same in business too. The missing step is inner work. 


If we want our business to succeed we must embody our worth on the level that will create desired results, identify our self sabotage patterns, and unhook from guilt and limiting beliefs. 


Maybe you think, “But I’ve done that before!” 


That’s like saying, “But I bought eggs the last time I baked a cake!” 


No ingredients, no cake. 

No inner work, no success. 


Do you want to do the inner work but don’t know where to start? 


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