Have you ever gotten stopped from hitting post, sending a DM, or making an invitation for someone to work with you because just as you were about to take the action this voice creeped up and said, “But what if you come across as salesy?” 


Perhaps the better question is, how often do you get stopped by that fear?


That voice used to be my own personal nightmare. I don’t watch horror movies (but I do love a good vampire show ;)), and if someone was going to custom make a horror movie just for me it would be a voice whispering, “but what if you’re salesy?” 


Do you agree? Does the fear of being sales-y stop you in your tracks? 


When I first started a business and was looking for clients this majorly slowed me down. So I read books and listened to podcasts to try and find the *perfect strategy* to avoid being salesy. 


Which brought on a whole new challenge. I then wanted to be sure that I had the *perfect conversation* so that I did it *just right* and could ensure no salesyness would take place. 


It was exhausting, and it didn’t work. How’s it going for you? 


Here’s what did: shifting my focus from avoiding fear to being courageous. 


I learned that anytime my thoughts were full of “but what if they think I’m being salesy” I was actually making it all about me! I’M concerned with what they think about ME. How selfish!


And whenever I made it about me, and my precious appearance, I had forgotten about my real mission — making a difference for them. 


So I decided to be courageous. I made the commitment to always check my intention before hitting post, sending a DM, or making an invitation to work with me. My intention is always to be of service with whoever I am interacting with. 


That’s it, be of service. My intention isn’t to look good, make a good impression, or control someone’s thoughts about me. After all, what someone thinks about me is their business, not mine. 


And I knew that so long as my intention was to be of service, whoever I’m connecting with will feel my heart. 


This created so much freedom! No more trying to find the perfect words or work a strategy. By courageously following through on my intention to be of service and make a difference for whoever I’m in conversation with I was able to let go of any fear of what they might think of me. 


There’s another thing that I say to myself, “I am willing to fearlessly be with you in your fear in order to make a difference for you.” 


This means that if the person that I’m talking to is afraid to take the next step in working with a coach, I will honor their feelings and process. I will be with them, fearlessly. 


When I think back to earlier conversations I had as a coach I can see how it didn’t work too well having my potential client being afraid to trust herself, and me being afraid of what she thought of me. 


I do the daily work to know who I am and connect with my truth. I am rigorous about checking in with my intention before a conversation, making sure that I am indeed not running an agenda to “sell” anyone anything, but to make a difference for them. 


Then, I show up to the post, message, or conversation in service of the other person. 


The result? I cannot tell you the last time that I was afraid of being salesy. 


As soulful entrepreneurs we are being called to stand in our truth and carry out our mission. This requires us to speak up and share. 


What is the impact that will be made when you are unapologetically living out your purpose? 


This is an invitation to let go of the fear of being salesy and embrace the courage to go out and make that impact. Let your intention guide you. 


Xo, Kaela


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