If you could go back in time and give a message to the younger version of you, what would you say?


The younger version of me didn’t know that she was worthy of having every good thing she desired. I would tell her that she deserves it all – because younger me was always searching to find her value in something outside herself.


 She chose relationships that reflected that belief and accepted it when others built themselves up by putting her down. She didn’t listen when that still small voice waved the red flag and as a consequence she gave away her power over and over again.


My wisdom returned in a sacred soul moment. It was there, on my knees, that I remembered the truth.


I remembered who I was when I came into this world – what I’d known all along somewhere deep inside – my worthiness is my birthright. In that remembering I began to take my power back, I began to listen to my inner voice again and learned to trust myself.


My value was never outside of me – it was always within. I had it all along.


And so do you. There is nothing you can do to be any more (or less) valuable than you are in this moment. Your power is found in knowing this truth deep within your soul.


I did the work required to embody this truth and eventually, every part of my life began to reflect my belief.


HERE’S THE TRUTH THAT I WANT EVERY WOMAN TO KNOW – So often we believe that when we find success, have the relationship, or the money we desire – then we’ll finally know our value and feel that we are enough. But that’s backwards. The truth is that when we own our value and embrace our worth, then, and only then, will we create the life we truly want.


You are deserving of every good thing you want. You are worthy, you are wise and you are strong.

Everything you want starts with knowing this truth.


What words of wisdom would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time?