The desire that I hold for all of my clients is that they allow themselves to be a well supported visionary. This, in comparison to being a work-horse for their business, or an empty vessel with nothing left to give. 


What I’ve learned about being a well supported visionary in my own life and business is that it takes courage. 


My own experience has shown me that there are other people who feel triggered by me choosing not to be a work-horse or empty vessel with nothing left to give. 


What I understand is that what someone else feels or thinks about me often has far more to do with their situation, and what they think about themselves than it does about me. 


Nonetheless, being a well supported visionary has often called for every ounce of courage that I have. 


A friend recently acknowledged me for a vulnerable post that I shared on social media. In the post I called out many of the ways in which my life was incredible. Not with any intention of bragging, but with the intention of gratitude and a celebration of possibility. 


It took courage to post that, and the acknowledgement from my friend affirmed how I was feeling, “It takes more courage to share when things are great than it does to share when they’re not.” 


There is a commonly held belief in society that the “right” way to be is someone who is working hard. We praise long hours and overtime. We also glorify selfless giving to no end. Boundaries are not widely celebrated. 


In my experience, overworking and giving until empty has not led me to have the experience of life that I most want, or to have the resources to make the impact that I most crave. 


Being a well supported visionary has. The more that I stand in my power and allow my vision to lead me, the more I grow and expand. The more supported I am, the more that I can give. 


There have been many times when me being a well supported visionary has been met with judgement, an invitation to feel guilty, or misunderstanding. And I’ve always chosen to be courageous and follow my truth anyway. 


This is the desire that I hold for you. Know your truth. Shine your light. Receive BIG. Embrace your worth.